Sunday, October 30, 2011


SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY crept up on me! Was out of town until later today (Sunday)... traveled with JPE to So California... he was presenting at a conference on Friday! so we snuck in a trip to visit my mom & attend my brother-in-law's retirement party!
Words for this week's SCAVENGER HUNT were: Macro/Close-up, Found Texture, Home, Cover, Tree (Kent Weakley)
I collect hearts... this is one of my favorite!! well, actually ALL of them are "pretty special" ~ but I love the color & intricate carvings on this heart. The MACRO / CLOSE-UP shot is at the top of this post. I don't have a macro lens, but play around with both of my cameras (Canon Rebel Xsi & Canon Power Shot SD880 IS) until I get a picture I like.
Pumpkins = fabulous TEXTURE, color, shape... they're just fun to capture in print. Check out the crusty, dried mud in the crevices of this pumpkin! and the stem has a curly, twisty twiggy-like piece on the end of its brown stump. I had to run my hands over all the pumpkins to feel the indentations, warty imperfections and lumpy sections that were dented during their growing periods.
When I was taking the picture of "our tree" this bright piece of green raffia caught my eye! I had forgotten about the HOME (bird nest) sitting on top of our patio light. Don't know if the same birds return each year, but we get a lot of action outside our bedroom patio every spring.
(overhang at Avila Barn)
Avila Barn is on our way home from work! It's a fabulous place to people-watch, to purchase fruits & vegies, to take visitors, and to take pictures. Although this picture was taken on a fairly sunny day, two days earlier the weather was chilly, drizzly & wet. I didn't have a raincoat, so the COVER over the barn provided much appreciated protection from getting "soaked to the bone."
JPE & I love the TREE outside our bedroom window... Both bedrooms have a view of our TREE, but on a rainy day, it's wonderfully cozy to snuggle up with a quilt & watch the rain, read & sip something hot! Loved the reflection of our TREE in the roof of JPE's car... FYI - you can read about Kent Weakley tree HERE. Kent, a photographer, made regular visits to his favorite tree, to capture its elegance at different times of the day & seasons during the year... 

Gorgeous pictures & bloggers participating in SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY can be found HERE! Take a PEEK ~ you won't be sorry!!!


  1. What a great set - I especially love your last two shots!

  2. Totally awesome tree capture! Love how you caught it in reflection in the sunroof. I also really like the detail of your macro heart. Great collection!


  3. Love your tree and the cover shots happy happy colours. Great set!

  4. That tree reflection is terrific! What a fascinating pumpkin! Lovely set!

  5. Great set, love your details along with each photo. What an awesome market, love the autumn colours you captured. Love the reflection of your tree in your car.
    Thanks for visiting me @ Chasing Rainbows.

  6. The heart is so pretty. I thought it was a carved pumpkin at first.

  7. I loved looking at your scavenger hunt photos - I especially love Found Texture and Cover but they're all wonderful. isn't scavenger hunt fun? I haven't participated that often, but always enjoying seeing what others find. happy week to you Christine.

  8. Love your shot of the pumpkin! And how clever to get the reflection of the tree!

  9. Love the colors in your cover picture. Your tree is great. Thanks

  10. These are wonderful photos and great interpretations of the words! Love it - especially the tree and Avila Barn. Those colors are amazing.



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