Monday, April 21, 2014


 Posting with Tamar at RANDOM-OSITY...

JPE made his Gorgonzola Sauce for our pasta Saturday night. AND, it was tasty Sunday night! Why is it that leftovers taste so great the second time around? Is it because you don't have to start a meal from scratch {my opinion}? or the flavors have blended together {JPE's opinion}. Anyway... it was taaaa....ssstttteee! Yummy GOOD.

On Thursday, we had tea at Kreuzberg's on Higuera in SLO. The tables on their front patio have such interesting graphics. We had this RANDOM guy - doesn't he look a little like someone from the Simpson's? 

If you follow my blog, you saw the bottom part of this sculpture last week. I love taking pictures of it! There are so many details, angles to capture, and cartoon-ish faces & bodies. Perhaps I'm drawn to this FUN sculpture because it reminds me of the characters who mime.

Well, if you ever visit San Luis Obispo, let me know & I'll share some of my favorite spots to take pictures.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


taken 4.19.14

finally.... I managed to pull my camera out. I guess I needed Spring Break to get me over the "BITTER SADNESS"

You're probably wondering why I posted a picture of the cat? it's the neighbor's cat... {I spied their cat napping in the patio yesterday!} and we're sad they are moving next week. It's a young couple with a 3-year-old, and another one on the way! they needed space for their growing family to run, ride bikes and roll in the grass! so, once again, we'll be hearing THE SOUNDS OF SILENCE!!!
Oh my! My FIT-BIT is screaming at me! that number is a far cry from 10,000 steps a day!! I hadn't worn it for 10 days... so I had to charge it and the recorded number that emerged was 36 steps {which was the number of steps I walked during the night from the bed to the bathroom}. I do have an excuse... I can't wear my "tennies" {foot is healing from some minor surgery}? my new magazines arrived? and, ummm, Lydia was visiting?! I know, poor excuses, huh? I'm so NEGLECTFUL...

The "hummers" {hummingbirds are prolific} are enjoying the blooming honeysuckle! JPE's sister sent this assortment of herbs to plant... he's officially resigned from one of his jobs, so in addition to teaching his college courses, he'll have more time to garden & cook {hence, the retirement GIFT of "starters"}. Both are definitely SIGNS OF SPRING.

I DON'T wear dresses! in fact, I had to buy a dress for Steph & Mazen's wedding last November! but, JPE is officiating a wedding in mid-May so, I found this lovely, inexpensive dress {from Macy's}... just arrived in the mail on Friday!
BUT, my last PURCHASE(S) have been paperbacks! I finished the bottom three; am currently reading the one on the top {which is the sequel to The Art of Hearing Heartbeats by Jan-Philip Sendker}; & still to read, People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks & The Wedding Bees by Sarah-Kate Lynch.

Afternoon light casting a SHADOW across the bedroom wall. Allie gave me the adorable laser-cut alphabet last Christmas. She found it at

I put a few Spring/Easter decorations out at the beginning of March. When Stephanie moved to Washington DC, I believe she left this glasswear behind? I added some shredded paper, a German paper egg & added three additional eggs to this display. Who knew one of the SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY items to photograph would be FOUR THINGS???

Speaking of SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY... I haven't participated in quite a few weeks. So, I'm behind the camera again! There are some adorable SPRING-LIKE photos being posted at Ashley's blog, Rambling & Photos. Stop by and say HI!

You'll never guess what I did??? I just "hunted" for the words for April 13th. Oh my goodness! Well, I'm still posting --- but, the actual words for this week are: TRICK, SELECTIVE COLOR, CLOSE-UP, MIRROR or EASTER & BRIGHT COLORS. Just pretend my pictures fit this week's words.

Tomorrow, I'm driving with JPE to Palo Alto... while he's teaching, I'll help Allie with her kinders!! Looking forward to dinner with she & Brian...  BUT, I've already written my post for Monday, so, be sure and come back tomorrow.


Saturday, April 19, 2014


pic taken 4.16.14
 GOOD-BYE, LYDIA... see you again in June!
Yesterday, JPE, Lydia & Natasha met in Summerland for breakfast, so Lydia could be home for Easter!
pic taken 4.17.14
This guy has been "sleuthing" around the front door!
we just want him to stay away from the backyard flowers!

pic taken 4.19.14
In addition to yellow irises, we now have gorgeous purple ones blooming!

Friday, April 18, 2014


the roses are prolific for this time of the year!

it was nice coming home from WORK today to such fragrant smells!

Thanks, JPE!

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