Wednesday, April 16, 2014


On Monday, Lydia & I stopped in the local fabric.
She selected these three fabrics for her FIRST sewing project.
First, Lydia learned to sew straight lines & manage the speed of the machine.

Lydia wanted Grandma's help in feeding the fabric!
building confidence!!

I can DO this!
 some of the steps Lydia mastered!

learning to turn fabric inside out!
MAGIC - all the raw edges are hidden inside...

Lydia sharing her completed project!

INCREDIBLE! job Lydia!!!
we're all proud of her for trying something new!
nice job on your FIRST sewing project!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Treasure Hunt - Day 3
JPE spent some time this morning working in the garden. On Mondays, he travels (3.5 hour drive each way) to Palo Alto, CA to teach at Sofia University (leaving at 7am & getting home at 9:30pm). So, his garden provides opportunities to relax.
photos taken 4.15.14
Natasha, Lydia & Jack "GIFTED" JPE this gathering basket to commemorate his retirement. He's already using it...
TREASURE HUNT-Day 3: Your mission today is to notice the color at your feet. Set the camera on the ground. Click the shutter. Post what you see!
We're off to the movies - this afternoon...
the THE LEGO MOVIE! see you tomorrow!

Monday, April 14, 2014


Lydia is spending a week of her Spring Break with us. As a almost 11 year old, she loves her technology... but, she indulged me by going to complete some errands in San Luis Obispo. Of course, we did some indulging for her! a bit of G.O.O.D. ice cream to give us energy to complete our tasks. 
JPE made Cincinnati Chili for dinner Sunday... Lydia & I determined leftovers (Monday lunch) were even better than our dinner feast. A R.A.N.D.O.M. fact: Lydia's mommy, popi (dad) and grandpa (JPE) were all born & raised in Cincinnati.
I'm having a blast playing with WATERLOGUE. JPE cut these yellow irises & so I was showing Natasha & Lydia how my watercolor lessons are progressing (really, they haven't been started yet --- but, watching a photo being changed to a watercolor gives you an idea how watercolorists paint). Oh, so much F.U.N. Do give it a try!

Sharing these pics with Tamar @ RANDOM-OSITY
Do give her blog a visit... loads of cute photos from other bloggers!

Saturday, April 12, 2014


I'm participating in a COLOR TREASURE HUNT with hostess, Andrea Scher @ SuperHero Life. I've followed her blog for five years, but hesitated taking one of her online courses.
Springtime brings "BURSTS of COLOR" so I'll be intentionally looking for COLOR... {and hopefully be improving my creative eye}

This course started days ago, so I'll be sharing some random posts to document my hunt. 

Day 2 - Andrea's prompt was: Today, I want you to step outside your door and find a flower that makes you gasp with wonder.

posies in a planter
the neighbor has much better soil in their planter than we do!
we have CLAY! which is deadly for getting something to grow.
blue + yellow = AMAZING
JPE gave me this gorgeous blue BLENKO vase the first year

 of our relationship. At that time in my life,
my home decor was pretty cottage-y!
A few days ago, he cut YELLOW irises to honor SPRING-TIME.
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