Sunday, May 11, 2014


using my favorite app, Waterlogue, to share a picture of JPE's beautiful roses!

my MOTHER'S DAY gift from JPE - NEW garden clogs...
my old clogs were pretty disgusting!
my new ones are so pretty, I told JPE I didn't think I wanted to wear them into the garden...

Hope everyone is enjoying their Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 10, 2014


Several weeks ago, JPE & I took everything out of our walk-in closet, so I could freshen it with a new coat of paint. Actually, I hadn't painted the closet since 1999, so the walls really "ABSORBED" a lot of paint... like a gallon and a half! I was shocked!

Changing things up!! we rearranged the closet & reinstalled the wire shelves differently! Our closet is good size, so we put our chest of drawers along one wall, which gives us more room in our bedroom. A good scrubbing and the racks looked like new. I hated the thought of buying new racks if we didn't need to! With a bit of rearranging, we had room for another long rack and a shorter one! Amazing!!

Just opposite the chest of drawers, JPE installed ALL the racks on the right side. After we got the support bars installed, we "READ" the directions & learned we had installed them incorrectly. SO, ever the "patient" worker, JPE, removed the bars and repositioned them in different places... which meant, I did some patchwork and touched up the paint before moving everything back in.

You can see... we have plenty of room for a chest of drawers (on the left) and my Grandmother's maple desk on the right. We got a "workhorse printer" for JPE's teaching (see the black printer) and have our color printer sitting next to it. JPE also purchased a larger computer monitor (sitting behind the gray printer) for the times he is working on detailed spreadsheets  - much easier on the eyes! He likes working on the dining room table, which looks over the back patio, so he moves the computer monitor downstairs when he needs it.

Feels "GREAT" to have another project checked off the list!

Cost = $35. for one new 6' foot rack (mine) +
a 4' rack over the desk + new screws to rehang the shelves.
PAINT = NO cost! used paint we already had!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


 photo series captured Sunday May 4th

 missing 3 legs?
perhaps this the reason for making an appearance in my Sunday OJ?
 nice form!
 ummm... I must ask about his technique - I always tend to sink?
 so, did I set a PR (personal record)?
swimmers are always competing against their own time!
swimmers can be territorial about sharing a swimming lane!

{psst! no insects were harmed in this production.
Upon conclusion of filming, the spider exited the pool & walked off.
The little guy wasn't as lucky!}

Monday, May 5, 2014


celebrated Cinco de Mayo yesterday at work! I saw this GREAT IDEA for making crispy shells in the oven. The directions mentioned laying the tortilla {which had been sprayed with oil} over two rungs on your oven rack. I did that with the first batch. Second round, I tried a single rung. My GOOD intentions were "smoking hot"... I didn't notice one of the tortillas had slipped off the rack and was burning under the bottom rack. Oops! I'll go back to frying my "torts" in a pan... it may not be as healthy, but the shells will be much crisper...

RANDOM. Saturday evening, JPE & I attended a fundraiser for a local organization. This little bird was part of the table decoration {which was auctioned off at the end of the evening}. I didn't win the plant, but my table-mate knew how much I loved the bird, so she grabbed it for me. I hope we have good "karma" this week? the sugary {sorry for the blur} figure topped our de-lish cupcakes, along with a single yellow flower! Carrot cake {mine} & chocolate {JPE's}... YUMMY!
{FYI - the person who won the table decoration, won 4 of them...
so, I didn't feel all that bad for accepting this cute, black bird}

This is what R.E.T.I.R.E.M.E.N.T. looks like. JPE broke the seal on a new puzzle... 1000 pieces of FUN!!! We have always joked that he would begin working the B.I.G. puzzles when he retired. No excuses now! We have a closet-ful of 500 piece puzzles... any puzzle-lovers out there?

Linking my post to Tamar's website...

give her a visit... loads of GRF.


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