Tuesday, March 22, 2016


all pics captured Tuesday, March 22, 2016
lobby of the San Luis Obispo Airport (SBP)...
birds by Sandra Johnson, a local artist!

boarding the plane - 5:50am
leaving (SBP) San Luis Obispo Airport
bound for (SFO) San Francisco International Airport

Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD)
a R.A.C.E. to catch our connecting flight
taking off for (DAY) Dayton, OH @ 3:20pm

JPE grabbed a cuppa tea!
about 12 minutes after taking this photo,
we learned our luggage was left in Chicago (ORD)...
ummm... perhaps because we had only 15 minutes 
to catch our connecting flight?

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Monday, March 21, 2016

GOOD. RANDOM. FUN. V.12 {2016}

street sign advertising the Alberta Art District in Portland, OREGON. 

Richard, our Portland Walking Tour guide told us this statue has many names! Somewhat controversial, the local newspaper said it's a sex-education lesson, it's also known as Three Groins in the Fountain... but, officially, it's called "The Quest"

Pretty ceiling in the Portland Opera House. This is the lobby, looking up!

Have to say, Portland, Oregon
"raises the bar" for public artwork.
(even controversial art)

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Sunday, March 20, 2016


all pictures taken 3.20.16

Do you think my neighbor will miss this??

ummm... love putting this bunny out!

has SPRING SPRUNG in your yard?

Monday, March 14, 2016

GOOD. RANDOM. FUN. V.11 {2016}

GOOD... Water fountain? or Bubbler? Our Portland Walking Tour guide, Richard told us they are called Benson Bubbler's for the name of the person who gave $10,000 to the city to purchase & install 20 four-bowl bubblers. There were two stories that are told about the reason for the bubblers... to keep the loggers out of the saloons & the other was because Benson saw a little girl looking for someplace to get a drink during a 4th of July parade. For whatever reason, there are 52 bubblers through out the City of Portland & a person can download a list of the bubblers by clicking here!
The bubblers flow from 5:30am-11:30pm, unless they are closed down due to freezing weather or wind... the fountains are cleaned bi-weekly... & it was interesting to learn the water is fresh & NOT RECYCLED.

RANDOM shop... In the Alberta Arts District, I ran across this great window design advertising a tattoo parlor.  Located on a side street, next to the Rexall Drug Store... it grabbed my attention with the brilliant colors & a sign featuring cool fonts.

FUN... Bisquick tin! Okui's Strawberry Stand will be opening March 24th! Gotta stock up on Bisquick to make shortbread rounds for our strawberry shortcake!

Again, I'm posting photos from our Portland, Oregon trip.

Sunday, March 13, 2016


patio stone

raindrops & sunshine
friends for dinner
house guests from Lakewood


Friday, March 11, 2016

FIVE ON FRIDAY {3.11.16}

All these photos were taken last week on a trip to Portland, Oregon...

Last week on Friday, Mom & I were just finishing a Portland Walking Tour with guide, Richard. He mentioned he was a "DUCK" and his sister was a "BEAVER" --- you would understand this statement if you follow college sports. My grand-nephew is interested in becoming a "DUCK" and attend the University of Oregon (the other rival college, Oregon State University has a BEAVER as a mascot). Later, we stopped by a DUCK Store to check out the orange-billed mascot & capture several DUCK pictures which we shared with "D" in a text message. 

Before the Portland Walking Tour, we wandered around the Pioneer Courthouse Square... Portland has loads of "public art" including this series of game boards. Looking across this chess (or checkers) board, you can see how public this piece of art is. Don't worry! the wallet (cup of coffee too) is part of the art... check out the additional views of the chess board. 

Saturday, we headed to the Portland Saturday Market, down by the wharf... in addition to unique crafts, music, entertainment & food stands, there was an amazing young man demonstrating his balloon making skills. He definitely captured the 1-8 year old crowd with his smiles & twisty shapes.

Heard of 805 BEER? Well, that refers to beer that is brewed by Firestone Brewery in San Luis Obispo County (which is where I live)... this young vendor is capitalizing on this concept and selling t-shirts, caps and other local products using a "play on words"... Portland's area code is 503... 5-0-TREE, get it??? Once again, this is Portland's Saturday Market...

Arriving back at the BENSON HOTEL, I couldn't help but share the gorgeous chandelier located in the main lobby. Simply stunning! I wish my i-phone captured better pictures... perhaps it IS because the ceiling must have been 12 feet tall??? I must add "tips for taking photos on a portable device" to my research list.

Gosh, I never thought I would join the ranks of people who say, "what day is today?" but, just WAIT until you retire... you'll be joining our team. 

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Thursday, March 10, 2016


If you don't follow me on Instagram @Kritty_k you missed this picture of today's photo. 

Needing a bit of N-U-D-G-E in my picture taking, I've been participating in the Photo-a-Day Challenge hosted by Aussie, Chantelle at FAT SLIM MUM. She's an absolute "kick" & has great words to inspire you to pick up your i-pad, tablet or i-phone to take photos. You might consider following along! some days, it is the ONLY photos I take. And, you can always skip a day if your time runs short. 

Sorry for the quality of this photo! it's not exactly clear!

Anyway... today's word was COLLECTION. I gathered a few of my HEARTS and arranged them on this beaded placemat. It's not my entire COLLECTION, but I had decluttering my towel closet on my list of tasks, so these were handy!

The top right GREEN HEART holds my charm bracelet (as well as charms that I haven't attached - perhaps I should bring that out to share it again?). Several of the HEARTS were purchased to remind me of my Mexican/Native American heritage... I think you can figure out which ones those are! My favorite one to hold is the large ROSE HEART that has rose carvings etched into it. 

So what do you collect?

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


throughout the world!!!


turn up the sound
touch the close captioned button [cc] 
tap the brackets [ ] on far right to watch w/full screen

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Concourse C - Portland, OREGON Airport

While waiting for our flight on Jet Blue (headed to Long Beach, CA), we had a bit of time to check out the public art displays. Colorful barber-pole columns were topped with sculptures that were designed by Larry Kirkland, an artist with an environmental design and fine arts background. 
The symbols represent landmarks & icons from the Portland area, with bronze plaques telling the story of each column's art piece. 

Time passed quickly as we admired the art... we sat underneath this sculpture as we ate our "comfort meal" of oatmeal & a cup of coffee. While public art stimulates our "senses" of sight, touch, and hearing it also changes our moods. Think about the feeling you have when you FINALLY get through security, find a place to sit and take that deep breath knowing you didn't miss your flight! Most airports are a bee-hive of busy-ness, but the Portland Airport (affectionately known as PDX) exudes a "sense" of calm-ness... I attribute this to the public displays of art. 

The current research about MINDFULNESS comes to mind! Being "in the moment" decreases our negative emotions and stress. Watching the sculpture twist through the air, trying to interpret the designer's ideas, and listening to the sound of the movement requires a person to STOP! and use their senses. When this happens, your breathing slows, and your stress levels drop. Next time you become stressed, STOP! listen to the sounds around you, or look at the fine details of the space around you, feel your heart slow as your breathing begins to match a slower pace. This is MINDFULNESS! and art can create opportunities to experience this mood changer. 

Curious?? Check out Greater Good, The Science of a Meaningful Life... it's good for your body! mind! & emotions!

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more of Portland tomorrow!!

Monday, March 7, 2016

GOOD. RANDOM. FUN. V.10 {2016}

taken 3.5.16
Mom & I flew to Portland, Oregon last week! We got an inexpensive flight from Long Beach to Portland, rented a car (although you can use public transportation) and stayed at the historic BENSON HOTEL. Here are a few GOOD - RANDOM - FUN pictures that I captured. Check out the LINKS in this post for more detailed information about Portland.

Thursday, March 3rd
After visiting with Mom's friend in the historic Hollywood District, we drove over to the ALBERTA ARTS DISTRICT to check out a few fabric stores, BOLT FABRIC BOUTIQUE & MODERN DOMESTIC. What a colorful, fun, creative place to stroll... and capture some pictures... I plan to post some of my favorite shots later this week. After an hour browsing (& buying) at Modern Domestic, we asked the staff where they would recommend eating... she suggested SWISS HIBISCUS just behind their store. What an incredible dining experience! small, intimate... Mom enjoyed pork schnitzel & spƤtzle, while I had a mouth-watering brat & creamy potato salat. Heavenly food! the owner-chef came out to speak to all the tables asking how they liked the food. Oh yum! will visit this spot again to try another dish! absolutely GOOD!

Friday, March 4th
Portland is a city for walking OR riding bikes. YES, they ride their bikes in the drizzle & pelting rain! Perhaps they are immune to the chill and dampness?? Mom & I took the Portland Walking Tour which met at Portland's historic "living room," also called the Pioneer Courthouse Square. More about the sights near this landmark will be coming in another post, but for now, two RANDOM pictures.
A dog carrying a basket... he wasn't homeless, but on closer examination of the basket, it said SMILE... and you could drop a donation in his basket. He was crossing the square and didn't approach us for spare change. Perhaps he met his $$ quota?
And, finally, the Portland BLUE MAN pontificating from notes he had written... objecting to government regulations... or lack of action on the part of the city council. Apparently he is a regular & his name is Mike! he keeps his face covered! And loves to SHOUT OUT his opinions via an electric megaphone. His ranting was a bit annoying!

Saturday, March 5th
FUN... of course eating donuts is FUN! We walked by Voo-Doo Donuts several times, but the line was so long (no surprise!! as you can see the donuts are legendary) we missed carrying around our own PINK BOX. But, any number of people eating a donut were willing to share their "puffy selection" for this photo op! What we were surprised to learn, Jet Blue allowed passengers to carry on their PINK BOXES to share their donuts with the people back home. Mom & I think Voo-Doo Donuts should open a shop in the Portland Airport!!

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more of Portland coming!!


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