Sunday, January 26, 2014


photos pulled from my archives ~ Big Bear February 2013
Have you seen the Disney movie, FROZEN?
if so, you'll recognize the lyrics to this week's
Kathy @ You'll Shoot Your Eye Out posted a "cool" looking photo! Check it out...

California is still hoping for some rain...
or at least a winter chill to the air!

Here's a YOU-TUBE video for this week's song.
The movie is adorable! & the song gives me chills (no pun intended!)

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Harmony, CA ~ population 18
"The hours when the mind is absorbed by beauty
are the only hours when we really live..."
~ Richard Jefferies

YES, the tiny little town of HARMONY, CA has a population of 18!

but while taking a break from my "paid work"
(YES, I'm working today, a Saturday!!),
I decided to browse through my photo archives.

this tiny window was the Harmony Post Office...
the flowers were a brilliant, ripe-tomato-red
and it reminded me the month of RED is coming...

Do you associate COLORS with WORDS?

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Bet you thought I was going to expose some "deep, dark unhealthy" secrets...
well, actually this is pretty mild

A couple of Sundays ago, I posted THIS... scroll down to "Happens Everyday"
I've been sort-of "fudging" about taking my vitamins!
Here's my "vitamin trail" from this week.
It seems that I pick up my vitamins, carry them to another place
(I guess as a reminder to take them),
and leave them --- instead of swallowing them.
gotta do better!!!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


:: GOOD ::
poinsettia's are still ALIVE! 
they are difficult to grow + they need a lot of attention.
Amazingly, they are "hanging in there" which is GOOD.

:: RANDOM ::
PHRENOLOGY is defined as a pseudoscience
that focused on the brain as an organ of the mind; scientists believed different sections of the brain
were responsible for certain characteristics or functions.

Thankfully, Phrenology is no longer practiced. In the 1700's, Gall, a researcher studied young pickpockets and noticed they all had a bump behind their ears...
he suggested this bump was an indicator for identifying pickpockets.
RANDOM, huh?
I saw these PHRENOLOGY heads when I was out-&-about!
Wished I had purchased them to use as bookends.

:: FUN ::
sorry, I've forgotten what these are called?
I think it's a horned melon? if not, they are certainly FUN to look at.

posting these with Tamar @ Random-osity...

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Last night our kitchen smelled amazing!
TANGY LEMON juice scented the air,
as we finished bowls of lentil soup!


at the end of our HOLIDAY visit, THE SKIDS
{the "best-est" of friends from Lakewood}
had given us a bag of LEMONS
{picked from from their tree}

 JPE used them to make
{we shared a sliver for breakfast this morning}

dense. flavorful. enjoyed small bites.

this recipe is a K.E.E.P.E.R.


Friday, January 17, 2014

WHEW! T-G-I-F...

a 3-day weekend!
looking forward to some
reading, rest & relaxation...

{and a few de-cluttering projects}

How about you?

Sunday, January 12, 2014


mannequin head - seen at Apple Farm Gift Shop
Posting for SONG-OGRAPHY, hosted by
a song I've never heard!
{but that's not unusual since I don't listen to the radio much anymore}
the lyrics of this song makes me think of
and speaking with the intent of hurting someone.
I don't make New Year's resolutions, but,
this is certainly something to be more conscience of... 


Just like JPE meditates each morning,
I write in my journal and take my vitamins.

I think putting together a puzzle is one task
that can be accomplished UPSIDE DOWN!

A wooden vase with a "burl"
this NATURAL wood vase has a
tiny glass test-tube to hold the water for a flower

UMM... these GIRL-MADE
{as opposed to MAN-MADE}
ceramics pieces were created by Allie...
the "rattle" has tiny, little clay balls that make delicate ping-ing noises
when you "shake it up baby"
Orange is one of Allie's favorite colors... I'm surprised she hasn't asked for this "pucker-ing kiss" fish to live at her house?

Another example of Allie's creative talents...
due to it's fragile structure,
I've always kept this sunshine on a shelf,
table runner, or somewhere I don't have to worry about it
getting knocked to the floor!
LOOKING DOWN on this face each morning
is a positive way to start my day!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


A seasonal treat at Trader Joe's!
grab some before they're gone!
a bit sweet & salty! crunchy & just plain tasty!
See the adorable Santa pitcher?
thank you, Katie & Mom for adding to my collection.

Pretty RANDOM, huh?  Even more RANDOM... this was in a garden shop. 

RANDOM - part 2
"Oh, my aching head" statue!
pretty RANDOM, eh?

Now, why didn't I think of this?
recycling a golf bag to store gardening tools... some of which have been painted with florescent colors.
Garage decor has never looked this "colorful" at my house.

FUN - part 2
recycled star - decorated with glitter, sparkles & twisty wire.

Posting this with Tamar @ Random-osity.
Consider joining THE GOOD. THE RANDOM. THE FUN. next week for Week 2
of this year-long "meme" {definition found HERE}.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


all photos taken in Cambria, CA
Ashley continues to host

Stop by her blog, RAMBLING & PHOTOS
for a peek at the adorable pictures she's posted
for this week's words:

 adorable tin-man made with recycled parts
created by Cambria 4H

stopped at Linn's for a late lunch!
as yummy as it looks...

a "new" garden to explore
(adorable succulents)

took a drive to Cambria
Want to know more about NITT WITT RIDGE?
check HERE!

two signs
only ONE, would I actually LIVE BY!

Kathy has a darling photo for this week's SONG-OGRAPHY.

It appears she has been "out-of-town" and didn't tell us
where she was going! She was in LONDON!!! Lucky gal...

anyway, I pulled a few phrases from this week's song, UNDEFINED.
While other states are experiencing bone-chilling weather,
gusting winds, rain, sleet & snow...
California's hillsides are brown, dry & we'd LOVE it,
if another state would SHARE their weather with us!
We're getting close to having a drought!

We'll be heading back to work tomorrow, so once our Sunday projects
are completed, we're headed to see one more movie!

Saturday, January 4, 2014


The Living Room ~ January 4, 2014
 Well, today was the DAY!
took down the tree ~ packed all my Santa ornaments
each one wrapped in tissue,
and positioned securely in a box,
to be deposited in the attic 

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Apple Farm Gift Shop decor
one of my least favorite post-holiday chores!

JPE is off at Men's Group...
so, it's a perfect opportunity to start packing
my SANTA Collection AWAY!

Instead, I'm looking at blogs, listening to HGTV & 
transferring information to my calendar!

to taking down the tree! 

Tomorrow is another day!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


ME... I'm MOST proud of organizing a simple, small wedding ceremony in 6 days! Stephanie & Mazen got married on Sunday, November 10th... at the Santa Monica Pier! An AMAZING fete considering she lives on the East Coast & we live on the West Coast.

Actually, Tasha took this i-Phone picture right before the wedding began. LOVE YOU, JPE for officiating the wedding.

Each winter we take an hour drive up the coast to see the elephant seals! STILL LAUGHING about their grunts, groans & barks! Hilarious!  

Driving 5 hours to the Big Bear cabin is such a treat... especially for a WINTER WONDERLAND! ACE & Lola play chase in the snow... the birds have gone for the winter... & Lydia, Tasha & JPE built this snow-bear!

Lydia turned 10 this past July... JPE made her some bear pancakes & then caught a huge fish for her birthday dinner! Another amazing BIRTHDAY celebration.

Did I mention Steph & Mazen's wedding was a small, intimate ceremony with some FAMILY & FRIENDS? The Santa Monica Pier was being renovated, hence the "industrial look" for most of the wedding photos.

I'm INSPIRED BY rain... fog... anything but warm, humid weather. Which is odd, as I was a sun-lover when I was younger. 

During our Spring Break, we traveled north to San Francisco & Nevada City... SPRING had arrived! Pictures were taken at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco.

Lydia VACATIONED with us the week before school started! We camped at Plaskett Creek (southern section of Big Sur) Campground... due to the danger of fire & the low-water table, we had to buy bottled water & ended up cooking our so'mores over the stove... no campfires allowed!

Our SUMMER included a visit to So California.  Matthew & Derek LOVE helping JPE set-off the 4th of July fireworks.

Aren't I lucky? A DAY IN MY LIFE includes driving along the ocean to & from work... When it's "high tide" the waves splash up the wooden staircase in Shell Beach. At "low tide" you can walk along the narrow strip of beach looking in the tide pools...

Loved this picture of Stephanie & Mazen - ALL SMILES! the wedding guests showered them with bubbles! Lars (the girl's dad, in the white shirt) will be able to remember their wedding date --- it's also his birthday!

Avila Barn & Ice Cream Parlor is "THE" place to enjoy the AUTUMN HARVEST. Stopping on the way home from work is a love-ly treat at the end of the day.

Instead of taking a vacation overseas, we did some HOME renovations... we had the popcorn ceilings removed, had new bamboo floors installed upstairs, had the master shower re-tiled (they found mold in the walls) and then WE painted the ENTIRE condo (yep, I spent several weekends with my paintbrushes). 

Steph & Mazen chose the Santa Monica Pier for their wedding CELEBRATION... it was the location for their first date (five years ago - Steph was attending UCLA School of Law & Mazen was an attorney in San Francisco). I made the sign for their wedding & included Sebastian (Mazen's guide-dog) as one of the "three" joined in LOVE.

Mom, Katie (9 year old grandniece) & I took a trip to Washington DC over the Memorial Day weekend. Katie got the "traveling bug" - so if I mention a trip to visit Stephanie, Mazen & Sebastian... she'll be the first to say LET'S DO IT AGAIN!

I gave them wings and when they left for college, I never dreamed the girls would settle in other cities. Allison lives & works in Sunnyvale (south of San Francisco, CA) and Stephanie lives in Arlington, VA (& works in Washington DC). Needless to say, I MISS THEM (thank goodness for FaceTime)! It's not often that we are ALL together in person... Steph & Mazen had flown out for Andrew & Talia's wedding (Saturday November 9th).

Following a snowstorm (at the Big Bear cabin in February), JPE & I noticed a BEAUTIFUL rainbow of ice particles in the sky. It looked like glitter floating through the sky.

Allison, Lola & Brian DRESSED for the snow. Check out Allie's owl hat & Lola's red parka! Lola even had red boots, which can be seen HERE!

A stem of dried flowers peeking out of the snow. MACRO shot taken with my Canon Rebel.

Mom & Katie came for a visit in December... to attend the Nutcracker Ballet, see a performance of Mary Poppins & celebrate my birthday. It was fun to share my HOLIDAY decorations & SANTA ornaments... a treasured collection.

Some of our favorite pictures have been taken during our visits to the Big Bear cabin. We appreciate being able to make MEMORIES with Tasha, Jack, Lydia, Taylor & Morgan. The "something beautiful" picture was taken the same morning as this photo.

For Christmas, we gave Lydia a set of bongos! She's taken flute & guitar lessons... JPE has played string instruments in bands, getting his start (at the age of 10) in a band with his dad (a drummer) & uncles. Lydia... we're hoping you DON'T EVER CHANGE & continue your interest in music.

JUST BECAUSE... I loved this picture of Matthew swinging on the rope... he looks like his mom, doesn't he? Don't know if Jodi will appreciate having this picture posted, but, I loved her expression!! (& her pups, Archie & Felix).

Well... my HOPES & DREAMS are to continue to travel. We're thinking of visiting Turkey, Morocco or Russia in the fall of 2014. And, of course, I hope for "great health" to allow this to happen.

Wishing all my visitors happiness, health and memory-making opportunities in 2014!

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