Saturday, October 1, 2011


:: time to dust off the cobwebs ::
"Luxury need not have a price ~
itself is a luxury."
~ Geoffrey Beene, American designer

I absolutely love the experience of climbing into a bed that has clean sheets - especially, when I pull back the blankets to find crisp, smooth, tightly fitting sheets & NO WRINKLES...

Do you think of your "bed as a nest"??? I'm sort of like a mother-bird building my nest ~ layering the sheets, blankets and coverlet or quilt ~ tucking, fluffing and smoothing this nest... AND, I look forward to retreating to my nest each night... almost dreading that tap from JPE each morning, signaling me to get up!

We've enjoyed the company of Mom, Lauren, Jan & Perry, and Marcus this past month... they've all mentioned how "cozy" our guest bed is! I think it's the SHEETS!!!! or perhaps it's my mother-bird nesting skills???

Today's a lovely FALL day to "rebuild our nest" --- 


  1. Christine - I completely agree. Now that I am retired, I have time to iron my sheets and pillowcases - something that I didn't do when I was working. It is such a pleasure to slip into bed on smoothly ironed sheets :) A perk of my retirement!

    The other one is no morning alarm.

  2. I love my bed, and I like it layered up too. I should be in it right now actually. :)



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