Tuesday, November 30, 2010


"Reflecting on November"
 "Listen, and attend with the ear of your heart."
~ Saint Benedict, Christian saint

"Two Guys"
SLO-Express ~ 11.10.10
Gap ~ 11.10.10
Enjoying the silence... the end of a busy month, filled with loads of work (I'm not talking about home repairs or projects), visits with family, tasty food, lots of movies (Red, Hereafter, Tamara Drewe, Love & Other Drugs, Fair Game, Morning Glory & Secretariat!! JPE saw Harry Potter ~ not my thing!!) & celebrating our 6th Anniversary... 

Enjoying the silence... listening to birds, wind whooshing through the leaves, the quiet of the early morning, and the whistle of the tea kettle telling me I need to start another day!
Enjoying the silence... before the rush of excitement December brings! Will focus on LISTENING with with my heart & not get caught up in the deafening buzz of shopping!

Enjoying the silence of my own thoughts!!!


  1. (whispering) How do I honor your silence without breaking in with my loud comment? :-) This is the hardest time of the year to enjoy silence. Kudos to you for taking some time for yourself.

  2. YES!! (sorry to shout) - that was me on Monday, singing gleefully in my head after the madness of thanksgiving and a crazy art show! silence...ahhh....



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