Tuesday, November 16, 2010


List-It Tuesday - completed 11/16/10
What's YOUR Name Day??

Have you checked out "doodler-artist-extrordinaire" AIMEE @ ARTSYVILLE ?? On Tuesdays - Aimee posts a LIST (books, places she's been, art supplies etc)... it keeps her connected to her blog friends... and the creative juices flowing.

My other attempt at List-It Tuesday can be found HERE

The idea for my list came from my favorite Swedish blogger, BENITA @ CHEZ LARSSON

For List-It Tuesday, I listed the Name Days for my immediate family members... In some countries a person celebrates a Name Day + a Birthday... 

Celebrating BIRTHDAYS is difficult for me (that "getting old" business is for the birds), so perhaps I'll change & begin a Name Day Celebration - instead of December, I would be celebrating July 24th (if I was in France) or the Germans would celebrate my Name Day on July 25th. Since I have Scotch, Irish, & English ancestry - I think I'll stick with JULY 25th...

Anyone can participate in List-It Tuesday - drop AIMEE a note & check out the blogs participating. If you want some simple, clean, decorating ideas, CHEZ LARSSON is my go-to-source. Today's post has some adorable "Holiday Shrooms"...

What's your Name Day?


  1. That was really fun! I looked up the names of my son and his kids, my mom and my sister's family. Three of our girls don't have a name day. All odd names and spellings. I may go back and ask for a name day for them. I'd never heard of a name day. Thank you for sharing this. Also, your list is really colorful and fun! I love it.

  2. wow! i've never heard of this - what a neat idea!

  3. This is a great idea! Another birthday tradition I learned of recently: in some parts of mexico a child's birthday is not when she emerges from her mothers womb but when her mother rises from her labor/ bed rest and can care for herself as well as her child.

    Makes so much sense. :0)

  4. i have never heard of this until now! i am not sure how to play but i found a version of sarah on wikipedia under sweden's name day. so i think my nameday (in sweden) is july 19. that is pretty close to my half birthday (which i do celebrate)june 30th.

    great list!

    PS i hope to week word again once things settle.

  5. You mean I can change my Birthday for a Name Day and then not get any older? Wow! I am all for that.(-:

  6. I love this! My name day is June 17th. Do I get presents? lol



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