Friday, November 19, 2010


Sycamore Mineral Springs ~ Avila Beach ~ 11/18/10
R-O-C-K-S ... the WEEKWORD was selected by MARIA @ SIMPLY COOL STUFF.

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Take a right at the persimmon tree
River R-O-C-K-S.... 
smooth, round, lumpy, shiny, flat, speckled, flecked, spotted, striped, veins ~ of tan, beige, gray, black, & metallic silver. 

Sycamore Mineral Springs
Hundreds of R-O-C-K-S... outline the Sycamore Mineral Springs Labyrinth. Labyrinths have been known to the human race for over four thousand years... Labyrinths can be outlined with R-O-C-K-S, mounds of dirt & grass, & stone laid in concrete or marble. Portable labyrinths have been created on wool tapestries or canvas.

a winding path...
Walking the circular path leading to the center quiets & cleanses the mind... the center (often called the rosette) is the point of reflection... the unwinding path provides strength on the walk back out.

Leaving the Labyrinth, follow the red-orange "monkey paws" along the stone walkway to....

...the stone cairn. The top of the cairn is decorated with "treasures" left by previous visitors. Research states that cairns are sacred spots... Cairns also serve as markers, landmarks & burial sites, and are generally a conical shape.

cone-shaped Cairn

flowers dotted with dew from the ocean fog
Luscious puple flowers mark the path back to the parking lot.... Sycamore Mineral Springs Meditation Garden is MY place for reflection ~ it R-O-C-K-S!


  1. I think I need to go to Sycamore Mineral Springs - your photos are gorgeous and I'd love to see all this myself. Wonderful post, thank you for sharing.

  2. I especially love the cairns as you often come upon them while hiking. Such a nicely done post, Christine. Where is Sycamore Mineral Springs? Looks like a nice place to visit. Thanks for participating. Great stuff!

  3. I love the pictures of the labyrinths - very intriuging!

  4. What a wonderful place...I have always wanted to "walk" a labyrinth. It looks so peaceful and lovely there. Do you remember how much Raleigh like rocks...working with them, collecting them, and just appreciating them? He would have loved seeing this.

  5. When ROCKS came up as the WeekWord I thought of him immediately! your beautiful rock wall... rocks strategically placed in your "outdoor livingscapes" - love that word!

    We'll have to visit Sycamore when you come for a visit. Our list of sites to see is getting longer - maybe we should add a movie at the Palm Theater? see link...

  6. Love your post, such great pictures, love the labyrinths.

  7. Lovely! All I can think about it how much work when into creating the labyrinths and carins. What a great reflection retreat to have.

  8. I totally love the labyrinths! What a peaceful place. You always make me want to travel.

  9. I would like to see this place. Have you heard of Andy Goldsworthy? If not do check him out :)

  10. That cairn is amazing. I've always had a thing for rocks. My mom's purse would always get heavier and heavier until she emptied the rocks I kept collecting out of it. :-)



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