Wednesday, November 10, 2010


 Marsh & Morro ~ SLO ~ 11/10/10

Took my camera downtown San Luis Obispo this afternoon to capture some Box Art as part of the DOWNTOWN SLO BEAUTIFICATION Project.
Marsh & Chorro ~ Abstract Shells ~ 11/10/10
Thirteen artists were commissioned to paint 16 utility boxes in the downtown area. Carrying the newspaper article as a guide to the utility box locations, I was able to find four of the boxes before the sun started dipping behind buildings.
Monterey & Chorro ~ Mission Plaza ~ 11/10/10
The first box I ran across was next to the SLO Mission. What a pleasant surprise to find such vibrant color in the planter - an "unexpected place"...
Monterey & Chorro ~ Mission Plaza
The artists painted all sides of the utility box ~ here are two sides of the Mission Plaza fish...

Monterey & Chorro ~ Mission Plaza
Especially appreciated the reminder to "keep our streams clean"....
I'm thrilled the SLO Downtown Association & city continued their enthusiasm for beautifying the downtown area! For the people who gave this project a "thumbs-down" - I say, MOVE SOMEPLACE ELSE! (The naysayers felt the money should not have been spent on ART during these difficult economic times; and that the artists should have donated their time & resources to complete the work for FREE)

Planning another photo taking visit & will share more pics in a future post!


  1. Love this. We are lucky that Long Beach has a thriving arts district.

  2. Hi,

    How much fun is this! And where else but in SLO - I am clapping my hands, congratulating their open-minded effort to encourage artists.(-:

  3. what a fabulous idea to paint those boring utility boxes!!! bravo!!! :))))

  4. I'm such a fan of art from everyday utilitarian objects, especially public art! SLO is a fun city and it obviously just got a little more fun :) Thanks for the great pics.

  5. How come I didn't see this post earlier? This is great - I love the art and what a wonderful idea to beautify a downtown area. And don't even get me started on those naysayers... how much time do you have? Oh wait, I'm not wasting MY time with those people...

  6. I love the SLO life, I lived in SLO for about 1.5yrs (not long enough) in 1993. Loved it there..but my husband at the time lost his job so we had to go back to Sac Town...Now I am in North Carolina....My fav place to get chowder was Splash Cafe in Pismo Beach.



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