Thursday, July 1, 2010


(pic taken 6/30/10 ~ patio)

“What happiness there is 
when I awake
to find near me 
the gift of a MORNING!”
~ Abbie Graham, American author

 I LOVE the smell of sweet peas!!
 the purple ones are my favorite color!

Some info about sweet peas...

It is believed that the first sweet pea seeds were harvested from the wild, by a monk living on the island of Sicily, then sent to an English schoolmaster in 1699.

The sweet peas we enjoy today were cultivated by English & Scottish horticulturalists to produce a larger, ruffly  flower, a stronger fragrance and a wider variety of colors.

American seed companies discovered that the cool, mild coastal area near Lompoc, California was ideally suited for sweet pea seed production. Currently, most of our American sweet pea seeds are still produced in this area.

It's best to gather sweet peas in the morning 
when the dew is still on them. 
This is when their fragrance is the sweetest.

plant more 
sweet peas next year!

I've had the best luck with Renee's Garden seeds.


  1. I love sweet peas. I planted a bunch around my potato bin this year, but the dog and the heat destroyed them. :( I'll try again this fall!

  2. me too! let's remind each other to plant when you return to the office.



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