Wednesday, July 21, 2010


SFO to Heathrow (London)

Virgin Atlantic "ROCKS"... flight was on time... seats were ??? (well, like most seats on a plane - not all that comfortable when trying to doze)... service was excellent... food was decent (& didn't have to purchase it)... amenities (socks, sleep mask, toothbrush & toothpaste & gazillons of movie, game, music, & TV choices to keep you occupied)...

Using ATM card is a breeze - no lines to exchange dollars for pounds... bought an OYSTER card for transportation (tube, bus & river) - it's a plastic re-loadable card...

 Had some trouble finding the names of the streets (located on side of buildings at each corner)! our flat is a 10 minute walk from two tube/Underground stations.

As you can tell - we are connected... so check the blog often!

Puffy, billowy, white clouds w/dark shadows - first pics from our flat were too dark so will post pics from our flat later...

This is the view across from our flat...

Off to buy some coffee & groceries...  And check out the neighborhood!


  1. Glad that you got there okay! I hope you both get acclimated and settled so that you can enjoy your stay.

    Kisses and Lola licks,

    PS- What is the lock and the letter for? I am guessing that I need to mail the letter, but when? And the combination lock, there was nothing in the envelope that tells me why I have it...
    I talked to SLE last night and I guess her plans have changed for her vacation and she asked if you are planning on staying with me for a night after I pick you up or if you will be heading on your way? I didn't know the answer, but you are welcome to stay with me!

    Well I am going to try to take Lola on a long walk before taking her to puppy class at 6pm. Maybe then she won't be so crazy hyper during our lessons. Wish us luck!

  2. This is just too great! How much fun, I feel like I am in London too. Love the picture of John. And a Starbucks across the street what else could you ask for. I will be checking in everyday. Meanwhile have a wonderful time!

  3. Glad you both made it safely! Have the most wonderful time and go shop at Harrods for me! PS Dr Sawyer told dad not to worry about his one memory lapse incident unless it continues to happen! Take Care Susan

  4. Chris - I am so excited for you two being in London, what area is your flat in. Remember if you go to Harrods you have to pay to use the bathroom, but oh what a fabulous store. Have a great time, thanks for including me in your note re the blog. I am jealous, wish I was there as well. Linda



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