Friday, July 23, 2010


UP! Saatachi Gallery
We must have had our head-in-the-clouds balloons thinking we would have the energy for a museum visit today!! Ummm... nope! we did walk through "our HOOD" as JPE affectionately describes the "Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea"....

Walked along Sloane Street - haute couture fashion & finished the shopping walk along King's Road. This is your place if you enjoy high-end boutiques, home furnishings, antique stores, bistros, McDonalds (yes - same wrappers used for the burger & fries in the US), flower shops, and our favorite - one bookstore. Loads of money dropped in these areas...

Saw an adorable sweater - 75% off. Sale price = $98.

Made for fabulous window shopping!

After a steamy (it was humid this afternoon) stroll through Battersea Park, we walked back across the Thames River on the Albert Bridge.
Albert Bridge Restoration Project
London preserves, refurbishes but rarely tears down their homes or bridges! The structural detail on this bridge was gorgeous! Bet you never thought of a bridge being described as G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S??

Check out some of the detail...

Amazing, huh???

Wonder how many coats of paint hold this bridge together?

Wonder if any of the "ironwork" still exists under all the paint?

More architectural details in another post!

Portobello Market & Nottinghill tomorrow!!


  1. Wonderful pictures today...taken I am thinking with the "good" camera? I am waiting to see what new adventures will be in store for you tomorrow. I took a food picture today, my first - it turned out pretty good. Might post it next week. Behave yourselfs...well maybe not too much.

  2. actually, have taken ALL pics to date with my Canon Point n' Shoot... when I considered carrying the camera backpack, I chose not to bother... Taking the "big" camera & two lenses today. Wonder if the pics will be better? clearer? we will see.
    Can't wait to see your food post. Thanks for being such a loyal follower!!

  3. Looks like you two are having SO much fun!



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