Sunday, July 25, 2010


St Paul's Cathedral
Grabbed the Circle Line (tube: Sloane Sq to Mansion House). Attended the Sunday Service  (11am) at St. Paul's. Double feature today: listened to Mozart's Mass in C minor performed by the City of London Sinfonia and Cathedral Consort & a sermon. Coincidentally, the sermon was given by the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the USA, Katharine Schori. Great way to experience this breath-taking structure. It has the second largest dome in the world, second only to St. Peter's in Rome. A visit to the church + the "recommended tour" costs  $24. (pretty hefty price), which can be avoided if you attend a service! You can gawk at the structure of the church during the sermon!! (posted by JPE)

After lunch, we strolled to the Victoria & Albert Museum, a brief 5 minute stroll from our flat! Great way to spend an afternoon! Another bonus: it's F-R-E-E! so we plan to drop in whenever we have a couple of unstructured hours (do I sound like a teacher?) 

We spent our time in the Medieval & Renaissance Gallery... in addition to the information kiosks, there are several "hands-on" exhibits to keep the youngsters entertained. JPE tried on this piece of armor -  calling it the "Medieval" version of brass knuckles. Looks ominous, huh??

We'll let you know what other artifacts grab our attention on our next visit to the V&A...  If you want to take your own tour of this museum, check our their website 

Click on the "Things to Do" section on the left hand side of the website. "The World Beach  Project" looks intriguing! Check it out! we're planning to do this when we get home!!! 

Tomorrow we are taking a London Walks tour of Westminster Abbey...


  1. Chris I am glad you are having such an awesome time. I am sooo jealous! Lot's of fun photos. Remember to take a couple that you can enter in the fair next year. :)

  2. I know - I'm trying - I really have to plan when I will take the "big camera" since some of the places we visit do not allow pics inside (like Westminster Abbey)... I've taken most of the pics with the point & shoot because I can fit it in my purse. Thanks for checking in - how are the Frenchies doing?

  3. ...we must be on the same page, I just came home from the library with a Teaching Company lecture series on the Medievel Period. I just found out that the Rosetta Stone and the Elgin Marbles are at the British Museum...isn't that close to you. Maybe you already saw them. If not it would be nice to see before their repatriation. Love hearing your daily report!

  4. It is so much fun "following" you on your trip to England! Ordinarily I would be jealous, but your photography and descriptions are so great that I almost feel that I am there along side you! What a neat way to use your blog!

  5. heather - This is a fun way to keep friends & family appraised of our travels & sights... I would imagine when I get home my blog might become a "bit ordinary" - well! I will just have to stretch my creativity, I guess!

    Adrienne - We have not been the British Museum yet - on our list. We will look for the items you suggested. Learning Company is John's favorite source for DVD's... great topics & subject matter.



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