Wednesday, July 28, 2010


National Gallery tilework
OOPS! Was just putting my camera back into my bag when the museum guide whispered, (loudly enough for 8 people to hear) "NO PHOTOS!"... I noticed the posted sign, but thought it meant no pictures in the galleries?? Guess I was wrong!!

The National Gallery is massive! consider checking the website before visiting; you'll save yourself some time trying to locate your favorite artwork.

Highlights of our Gallery visit:

"Fakes, Mistakes & Discoveries" ~ paintings that Gallery curators, scientists and conservators have examined and their startling secrets about the "real" history of the paintings. JPE loves Renaissance art - follow this link to find out what we learned about Boticelli (one of his favorite artists)

"Acts of Mercy" Exhibit (by Frederick Cayley Robinson) ~ I thought this was a DUTCH painter but it turns out he's a Brit... this exhibit opened last week.

"Acts of Mercy" Exhibit

This painting was one of a group of four which illustrated the medical profession... in each of the paintings, the artist had included the flower print (located on the dress of the woman, standing to the left of the lamp) pattern to unify the different scenes.

This is another British museum that is F-R-E-E 

Looking down Whitehall

Upon leaving, you can't help but notice the AMAZING view from the front steps of the National Gallery! Looking down Whitehall ~ the street famous for offices of dignitaries, politicians AND the royal residence (10 Downing Street runs perpendicular to Whitehall) ~ in the distance you can see Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.... Of course, we noticed the rain clouds (dark, ominous clouds means RAIN to Californians), but the breezes were refreshing after yesterday's humidity.

Biker Dude
TRAFALGAR SQUARE was a HOTBED of ACTIVITY! the bikers were protesting! the Trafalgar roundabout is a major artery for traffic & we watched as motorcyclists clogged the normal flow of traffic... 

Apparently, they were protesting a "PARKING TAX" that was being imposed on mopeds & motorcycles. 

Police were getting pretty frantic watching the traffic piling up! the motorcycles were moving with the "flow" of traffic - there were just so many of them that it prevented the buses, taxis and cars from entering the roundabout.

Clogging the Trafalgar roundabout

We didn't stay around to find out what action the police took... BUT walking up the street, we counted 11 red, double-decker buses at a standstill & the people were getting off and running to catch the nearest tube home!!!

Tomorrow morning, we'll pick up a copy of the newspaper! which is F-R-E-E!! you can pick up a copy outside the tube station...

Did you notice I mentioned F-R-E-E more than once in this posting???

SOMETHING ELSE that is F-R-E-E....


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