Wednesday, June 30, 2010


(pic taken 6/25/10 ~ Big Sur)

"How beautiful it is to do nothing, 
and then rest afterward." 
~ Spanish proverb

I've done NOTHING today!

Actually, I started my day
at the local "imaging" center
having an MRI & CT Scan.

Based on my bone density test, 
my Dr ordered some additional tests 
at the recommendation of the 

I'm pretty certain the tests will reveal there are no "serious problems" with my spine or surrounding organs... other than 
(with a "medium risk" for fracture
- as stated by the radiologist).
My Dr suggested taking
extra calcium
& vitamin D
DAILY ~ no excuses!
So, I am.

My morning started
with a headache & a queasy stomach...
which, I thought would go away after getting the "go-ahead" to drink water &
being able to break the 14 hour fast.

ummmm... the day didn't progress
the way I thought.
headache ~ CHECK!
(not as bad, but still pulsing)...
dehydration ~ green tea has helped!

Perhaps a "swift" tap with a stick 
will knock the headache out??


See you tomorrow!

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