Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The Tea House ~ Covent Gardens, London
This morning, JPE took the Piccadilly line to get tickets for the theater production, WAR HORSE...  he took off without an umbrella, but arrived home "dry as a bone" missing the 20 minute "pelting rainstorm" during his tube ride back to our flat. Lucky guy!

JPE's friend met us for tea at 15:30 (3:30pm) - Antony was in London for a business appointment (lives in Brighton - a 60 minute train ride south of London). It was a real treat to meet with a local for tea! Discussed the differences between US & British medical system, schools, holidays, taxes, employment, living conditions... and his suggestions for sights to see in London. We're finding tea time is a great "excuse" to stop & chat... read a book... or just relax. I can see why Brits think Americans are too busy!

We discovered the Bramah Museum of Tea & Coffee is closed for refurbishing, so we paid a visit to The Tea House in Covent Garden... this tiny, two-story tea shoppe is packed floor to ceiling with "anything" related to tea (books, teapots, tea cups, tea cozies-to keep your tea warm, tea filters/strainers) ~ the owner even creates & packages her tea... after smelling about a dozen tea blends, we made a purchase of the "Strawberry Green Tea" ~ which smells yummy! 

tea flower
I was intrigued by the adorable tea flowers ~ the back of the package reads "Revelation Flower Tea is a hand-made ball of Jasmine scented white tea leaves that open & expand in water ~ revealing an intense pink amaranth flower." I'll try to get a good pic of the tea flower at "tasting time" tomorrow...

Our theater performance started at 7pm so we walked three blocks to the New London Theater - the evening had turned muggy & the air was heavy, so we were thrilled to feel the air conditioned theater!

... it's difficult to describe WAR HORSE, but it's the story of a young boy & his love for a horse that is taken away to serve in the First World War.

Click on the production trailer here: 
The truly amazing part - you would forget the horses were NOT REAL, but actors moving the skeleton of the horse puppet, and creating ALL the noises a horse makes...  watching three actors coordinate the movement of the horses rear & front legs with the head movement took incredible coordination & grace - similar to a choreographed dance!!!  

Words can't describe this performance!!! I know you'll love the trailer!

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  1. Oh...I want to go to the tea place! Wonderful. Both Heather and I do collages on Picasa. Select the pictures you want to use and then go to "create", they will give you a choice of the type you want...grid, mosaic,etc. We then export them to Our Pictures, to download on the blog. Super-dupper easy! Hope this helps.



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