Sunday, July 11, 2010


 (pic taken 7/11/10)

My blogs were feeling stale so I visited Aimee's blog, artsyville for some inspiration.

I love her creative process & her art makes me smile!
She participates in "WEEKWORD" & asked bloggers to submit something that would signify their interpretation of the word:

I wanted to understand more about "WEEKWORD" so I checked in with the person who originated this idea, and this is what I learned...

"long ago, the fabulous fruenswerk 
started a creative prompt called weekword, 
much like illustration friday, 
but open to any kind of interpretation - 
photography, poetry, art, deep thoughts, randon neuron firings"

AIMEE's selected word ~ FLAVOR ~ was to be further identified by answering these questions....
  • what is your favorite hot spot for breakfast?
  • where is it?
  • what sort of dish?

JPE, Lydia & I just returned from a camping trip to Big Sur (coast of California; for those of you from another state)... If you camp, hopefully you will be able to reach into your memory bank... BUT, WE THINK the FLAVORS of food eaten in the outdoors is an "epicurean delight"...


with homemade strawberry jam 

& a cup of cocoa 


Y U M M Y!

Even the "simplest foods" tempt your tastebuds!

I'll be checking Aimee's blog for more inspiration...


  1. Hey, this looks like it was a really fun camping trip with lots of goodies. Who was the cook that made the delicious pancakes?

  2. JPE, my husband does all the cooking - even when we are at home! I'm sooo, soooo lucky!

  3. super! and love the paper cutouts!

  4. Thanks for the link--looks like a fun blog!

    Pancakes in the great outdoors--sounds lovely (but then again, I would eat a pancake just about anywhere)! :)

  5. I too love your paper cutouts! The best breakfast is on Sunday morning at my house with pancakes made by my MacGyver husband!



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