Tuesday, July 6, 2010


(pic taken in Big Bear - April 2010)

is the place where our brain 
and the universe meet."
~Paul Klee, artist

 Do you dream in COLOR?
(some people don't)

Are you attracted to certain COLORS?
(look at your clothes, furnishing, wall colors etc)

I'll bet you are!!

the walls in my home =
yellow-gold (makes me feel warm)
sage-green (is calming)
light mocha (umm... hot cocoa)

clothes =
greens, blues, plum
(clothes are hung by color in my closet) 
white, black, grey & chocolate brown
(I consider these my "staples" ~ kind of like 
sugar, flour, salt & cinnamon) 

back to Paul Klee...
the composition of his art
 too modern?

 Chairs =  Paul Klee??

Tell me about  
in your life?


  1. For anyone that enjoys color I recommend Victoria Finleys book: Color. Fascinating.
    I love the colored fonts you use so well!

  2. Right now in home decor, I'm attracted to little pops of color amongst lots of neutral backgrounds. I love to see unexpected color combinations, too, and to study why they work.

    In clothing, I often feel restricted by what looks good with my skin and hair, so I often admire colors I can't wear, looking great on other people. :)



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