Sunday, July 14, 2013


SHS 7.14.13
Oh my! I'm beginning to feel like I've been touched with the summer bug!
I've been moving slow-as-molasses the past few days.

This time last summer, JPE & I were exploring PERU ~ an amazing trip! 
(well, with the exception of the humidity in the Amazon River)...
we just ENJOY traveling!

This week's SHS words
& were pulled from my PERU archive.

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In the Sacred Valley, we RELAXED with a glass of "chicha" & played a few rounds of "sapo"... Chicha looks like a blender drink - but don't let the peachy, strawberry color fool you! Made from fermented corn or yucca root, chicha has a "kick" to it.
As we finished off our glasses of chicha, we played sapo - a coin toss game. Sapo is actually the Spanish word for "toad" which is found in the middle of the game board. 

Lucio & Pepe were tour-guides extraordinaire! tour guides can make a country come alive! & these two were remarkable, INSPIRATIONAL PEOPLE.
Lucio showed us the amazing sights along the Amazon River... the Amazon Rainforest, different modes of transportation (the tut-tut), exposed us to Peruvian color and colors of Monkey Island...  we especially curious about seeing how people live along the Amazon River! Lucio took JPE birding one morning (at the crack of dawn) - talented at identifying birds by sight & sound, Lucia could mimic the bird calls back to the birds. He taught himself the scientific & English words for thousands of birds living in the Amazon River.
Pepe, our tour guide for Lima & the Sacred Valley lives in Cusco, but was raised  in the Sacred Valley (his parents were missionaries). A fabulous story-teller, he made the history of Peru come alive. Tall & long legged, it was not difficult to find him in a crowd, but following him up all the terraced steps of Machu Picchu & the Sacred Valley was a bit challenging (especially with the altitude change). He continually reminded us to "hydrate"... 

Don't you love the hand-written signs? these WRITTEN WORDS were found along the Amazon River... the precise penmanship of a teacher (private school); a sign advertising foods & drinks; & a weathered, hand-painted sign for the wild-life preserve at Monkey Island.

There are so many MEMORIES from this trip... What I most want to remember is: the vibrant colors of the clothing & home decor items created in the Sacred Valley. Visiting children at their school. Seeing the corner marketplaces. AND catching a piranha on the Amazon River. 

Peruvian people are used to visitors...  Seemingly reserved, they didn't hesitate to connect with us by smiling or checking us out. As in the states, man's BEST FRIEND is a dog! JPE & I participated in a spiritual ceremony & were blessed by this Peruvian shaman... it was obvious these adorable little girls were BEST FRIENDS. They had their arms wrapped around each other as we walked up to the door of the soup kitchen.

Hope you loved digging into my photo archives as much as I did sharing these memories with you...  

Next week's SHS words are: CAMOUFLAGED, NUTTY, ALIKE, IDENTICAL & JAUNT. Ummm... looks like I have my work cut out for me!


  1. These are great! Looks like an amazing trip!! What a wonderful experience!

  2. Great shots, Christine - looks like you had a good time!

  3. What an incredible trip that must have been! Revisiting vacation photos is such a pick-me-up when I'm not feeling 100%. I hope it helped you feel a little better too :)

  4. What a great trip!! My mum has been to Peru but I never have.

  5. How fabulous! I love seeing all these photos from your trip. Peru is not a place that pops to mind as a vacation destination-looks like your experiences were so rich. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed your post.

  6. These look amazing. I just love how you made all your photos into collages.. Very clever indeed..


  7. Peru is def on my ever growing "bucket list" of places to visit! Love the shots!

  8. What wonderful memories you must have from the fabulous trip to a gorgeous land!!

  9. Wow what an exciting time you must have had. The culture looks so different from anything I have experienced (having never traveled outside of the US and Canada). That game looked and sounded fun. I do like the colorful clothing, bright colors make you feel happy. Catching a Piranha, now that would be something to remember!

  10. What amazing photographs of your trip! So interesting!



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