Monday, July 1, 2013

P52 {WEEK 26}

Posting for P52 - check out the other blogs at Tamar's.
{FYI - P52 is a picture review of my past week's pictures
- you can find the instructions on her blog!}

{June 26th}
LOLA & ALLIE came for a visit

{Allie-Bug & I read, shopped, ate tasty food, ran errands
worked on her grad school application!
 she ALSO visited some friends & had a massage!
I hope she thinks this visit was a "relaxing way"
to start her summer break?}

Check out this "crazy-fun" dish Allie uses to feed Lola...

she can't inhale her food!
{she eats a lot slower!}
it exercises her tongue
{do tongues need exercising?}
it gets pretty slimy 
{her jowls hang over the "pieces of grass"}

Allie & Lola left for home 

JPE & I worked at the office
then, drove to the Big Bear cabin!

some adorable birds - sitting on the fence
{watching the waves on the lake}

Taylor ready to "fling the kite" into the air
{loved the colors in this kite}

played multiple rounds of Bongo Ball
{a game all ages can play}

the cabin now has some berry bushes!
{oh, yum!!}

shucking the corn
{it was so VERY sweet}

an explosion of color!!!
{vibrant red, red-orange, coral & yellow}

a "pancake" day!
{Lydia turns 10 tomorrow! can't believe it!}

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Back tomorrow with vacation adventures from
Big Bear Lake!


  1. That dog "bowl" is awesome!! Love the kite! I'm going to find you on Bloglovin!

  2. The dog bowl looks like it would keep a pooch busy for awhile! So fun!

  3. Thanks for the photos Chris! Lydia's getting so big and I love her haircut! Where did Allie get that dog bowl?? I have 2 dogs that are hogs and need to slow down!



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