Tuesday, July 16, 2013

P52 {WEEK 28}

this is NOT a picture of my office at WORK!

Worked at the office today!
It was a l-o-o-o-n-g but productive day. Some of our office spaces have been reassigned, so entire cubicles have been boxed & moved. I don't have pictures of the "work reorg" (as we loving-ly call it - I mean that in a GOOD way), but here are some of the "home reorg" boxes in our garage.

If you've been reading my blog, you know we started a "home reno" back in April... check here for another taste of this adventure. Well, we ME (the painter!) are getting close to finishing the painting! We (JPE's great at this task! as well as accepting assignments, like peeling the blue tape from the walls!) are slow-ly moving boxes into the garage for unpacking, sorting (give-aways, trash, repurpose & bring into the house) and hanging pictures. 

It's been sort of exciting unpacking --- like unwrapping a present! 

Since I'm in this "MODE" it seemed only right that I was "commander-in-chief" of a reorganizing project at WORK.

So, I haven't had my camera out much --- don't want to get paint on it! And, these blurry pictures are a tell-tale sign I need some practice & more time to focus on setting up a photo op...

In between my projects, JPE & I sit on the patio & have tea & scones (or biscuits)... until the mosquitos find me, then I slip inside the house. 

We have loads of small spider webs hanging off our patio overhang. Pretty aren't they?

Urrgh, blurry! 
Any way, I'm posting these photos for P52 with Tamar.
Be sure to stop by & see some of the summer adventures of the other P52'ers. 

Oh, it looks like we know what needs to be added to the work list... new patio overhang? (see the wood rot - behind the peeling paint?)...

Well, tomorrow's a day to get my paintbrush out (downstairs powder room). Can't wait.

Oh, MOM --- we'll clear out the small cobwebs before your visit! promise! in fact, it will be soon! 

Sunday afternoon, it was "creeping me out" --- I felt like I had small spiders dropping on my head when sitting on the patio, in my Adirondack chair.

I can "control" the spiders & really
can't "control" the mosquito attacks.

oops! forgot to hit the post button!
actually posting Tuesday morning!


  1. I moved classrooms and merged two teacher's things. I have spent days organizing! The cobweb is amazing!!

  2. I sure love that bookshelf- I bet it's nice to get things put into place.

  3. Earlier this year they finally made me move out of my cubicle with a great view into an interior private office (I'll take the view any day.) Anyway I had been in my cubicle for 11 years and had accumulated quite an amzing amount of stuff, about 7 boxes worth. I sent six boxes to the dumpster.

    I'm going to have to check out this Random-osity meme. It looks interesting.

  4. it's hard work but looks like such fun to redo and renovate...and hte final result is always awesome. UUUUUUGGGGHHH spiders...shivers in fear.



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