Thursday, August 2, 2012


Iquitos, Peru

"COLORS speak all languages."
~ Joseph Addison

Iquitos, Peru
Please note: Many of my pictures were taken from the tour bus windows, hence, a blurry look in some photos!
This wall was photographed near the airport in Iquitos! It wasn't clear to me what was being advertised ~ but I was drawn to the rich red color, the multiple layers of paint & the sections of paint that were slowly peeling away the message(s).
Lima, Peru
Murals can educate! in Peru, everyone drinks bottled water or Inka Kola (brillant yellow soda in a bottle... tastes like cough syrup with a bubble-gum flavor). As I mentioned in another post, tap water is not safe to drink, hence, the number of people carrying water bottles. For a large city, it's unfortunate that Lima doesn't have an formalized recycling program for disposal of all these bottles. This mural (on the side of a youth hostel) was a social statement about the waste that contributes to the Lima trash problem.
Lima, Peru
Although this mural was located in another part of town... perhaps one might consider this as the public attitude (closing their eyes) to the recycling of water bottles. Ha! just a thought? I don't know why or what statement the artist was hoping to portray...
Iquitos, Peru
Murals also advertised what the buildings were used for. This mural denotes a preschool... check out the colorful fence that divides the school from the roadway. Disney-like characters are used to attract children's attention... similar to advertising in the US. 
Cusco, Peru
Some murals teach. This is a small section of the mural located across the street from our hotel in Cusco... the pictures portray the history of the Incan civilization. 
Iquitos, Peru
Some murals provide whimsy & color to a brighten a neighborhood or corner of a village / town. One observation about Peru... this country loves COLOR!

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