Wednesday, July 24, 2013


The bathroom floor is being re-laid! 
The wrong glue was used when it was installed the first time,
and the vinyl "planks" moved as it was drying.
Unfortunately, the contractor is having
to cover the cost of new flooring & installation. 
SO, we have some upheaval in the reno process.
AND, a couple of tasks will be delayed.

Today's MANTRA...
I will do what I can. 
AND, let go of the frustration
of having workers back in the house. 

Doesn't the water-drop in my cactus look like a diamond?

perhaps I should look at today as
"a diamond in the rough?"


  1. I am trying to see if I can comment from my new gmail account. Let me know when you get this. JPE

  2. Beautiful photo! It does look like a diamond! Hope the renovation gets back on schedule soon!

  3. Oy!! Hope it goes smoothly and is beyond worth it!



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