Thursday, August 9, 2012


Bike Vendor selling & delivering potatoes (Lima, Peru)
Fisherman bringing in their "catch" (Amazon River, Peru)
the majority of the fisherman drop nets into the water
& return for their "catch" early the next morning.
Lucio, Amazon Tour Guide, talking to his wife on a cell phone
we were headed out to fish for piranha (yep, the fish)
& look for PINK dolphins!
Our MODE of travel along the Amazon River, Peru
this picture may look fuzzy... but, it's pouring RAIN!
Another street vendor (Ollantaytambo, Peru)
Women coming home from market (Iquitos, Peru)
Roads are often very narrow!  (Cusco, Peru)
FYI - cars DO NOT stop for pedestrians... drivers honk their horn repeatedly, which means GET OUTTA THE WAY!
Tuk-Tuk, a three wheel car (Iquitos, Peru)
Waiting for customers at the Iquitos Airport
Men who own a Tuk-Tuk... are highly-regarded!
Their spare time is spent keeping their vehicles clean & running smoothly.
(Indiana, small village along the Amazon River)

just a few samples of transportation in Peru...

I actually loved our boat on the Amazon!!

Which one would you TRY?
I think...I'd try to Tuk-Tuk!

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