Wednesday, July 10, 2013


 Our garden is producing enough raspberries to top a bowl of yogurt & slivered almonds (+ a half of a banana)
I'm getting spoiled with this treat!

luscious, red raspberries...

Started my morning with a cup of coffee
& phone call to SLE
{alias Stephanie, Steph, Nene or Nener}
we always call at 7am ~ her birth time in CALIF!

This picture was taken
near Bear River, Auburn, CA
summer ~ 1982
she's wearing her Papa Griff's boots
~ I LOVE this picture of STEPH & ALLIE!

Enjoy your day!!!
I have my spray paint out ~ painting "this & that"
~ details later this week.


  1. THE cutest of the girls! Happy Birthday to Little Nene from Auntie Big Nene! She's disappeared from Facebook, so I emailed her a greeting...hope she got it!

  2. Those raspberries look delicious! I love the first one and the texture you've added!



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