Sunday, August 26, 2012


"Canopy Walk"
Amazon Rainforest, Peru

I missed SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY last week
(due to being out of town)
so, here are my photo choices for this week's words:

I'm breaking rule #3 & using previously taken photos (July trip to Peru).

(editing photos is time consuming)

Indiana, Peru (Amazon River)
The Peruvian SCHOOL year was scheduled to end July 25th... Teachers from the public SCHOOL system had been "striking" for 30+ days, so our group dropped by this private SCHOOL... FYI ~ students attend SCHOOL 6 days a week ~ YES, even on Saturday!

At the higher elevations, we saw some incredible cloud formations... although I took this picture in color, I thought it had more visual impact in black & white. I only cropped a sliver off the left side because my photos tend to be shot using a RULE OF THIRDS. HERE'S AN EXPLANATION of what that means, with regards to photo composition.

A SIDE PROFILE of JPE on the "Canopy Walk" in the Amazon Rainforest. Both of us agreed, that the canopy walk was a "highlight" of our Amazon stay... we trekked from sea level to 115 feet high, stopping at fourteen platforms to catch views at different levels of the forest. Here's a LINK to the Explorama Amazon Rainforest...

Walking toward the covered market area in Cuzco, Peru, I saw this little boy licking the crumbs from his fingers... Everywhere we traveled, we saw women carrying SMALL children on their backs... even at his size, this little boy would have been wrapped in a blanket & tied to his mother's (or grandmother's) back. Generally, the women are carrying other bundles in their hands, so transporting children on their backs is necessary. Due to lack of child care, children accompany their mothers everywhere.

This man was transporting his groceries home from the market place. Not a furious, fast peddling MOTION like you'd see in other countries... he moved down the  main street in the Urubamba Valley (the Incan mountain region).... at "Peruvian pace." I'll talk about "Peruvian time" in another post.

As our summer comes to an end, I anticipate more bloggers participating in SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY. Hope you'll join us. Check in with Ashley at Rambling & Photos for all the details.


  1. Glad to hear someone else mention the time consuming-ness of processing photos. Makes me feel better. I'm knee deep in Cuba and can't seem to find my way out.
    Peru-what a great destination. Love that last shot of the motion, but my fave is the side profile. Love seeing that school too.

  2. Oh my much as I LOVE taking photos of my adventures, I get so bogged down when it comes to editing them. You did a fantastic job!

  3. I love how you've shown us a part of your trip with these prompts! These are all so wonderful. I don't really have a favorite, but I love the small! How special that these little ones can stay with their mommies! But, mommy must have a very tired back at the end of the day!!

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  5. Beautiful photos of your adventure! I love the colors, how gorgeous are those! This is a country I certainly would like to visit one day

  6. What a fun post...the guy transporting groceries is my favorite...then it's the canopy walk. All were great, it was fun getting a glimpse into another country.

    Thank you for your nice note. I *should* use a tripod, but I'm much too lazy. I prefer shooting higher shutter speeds instead. ;)



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