Monday, April 29, 2013

P52 {WEEK 17}

Check out that cottage cheese ceiling... 
that stuff's gotta go!
Getting ready for the reno! Sample paint chip taped to the wall.
Testing paint on the wall!
Thank goodness for those "taster paints" (sample sizes). Don't like either color!
Looking toward the fireplace... more "taster painting"... 
SEE the ceiling? Cottage cheese G.O.N.E.
Ceilings will be painted tomorrow.
Carpet ripped off staircase!
Steps are be finished with a berber (?) carpet.
Don't want to slip & break something.

Getting up & down those stairs on crutches was a bummer! Longest six months ever!
Bamboo composite for bedrooms upstairs!
The color is a smidge darker than the bamboo downstairs...
BYW, bamboo composite is stronger than the bamboo floor
we had installed downstairs in 2005.
The "new" bamboo strands are twisted then covered with a resin - resulting in a stronger flooring (more resistant to dents).
The bathroom we call the "master" (it's off the largest bedroom)
has a new wall installed... us a larger shower stall.
The new wall makes this bathroom smaller, but, we're looking excited about having a tiled shower (not that molded plastic shell).
A light will be installed in the ceiling of the shower!

This "reno" was prompted by the fact that we had MOLD
(no pictures, but we saw job supervisor's pictures)
& a water leak (went undetected for years)
in the bottom left hand corner of the shower stall!
we expected D.U.S.T.
SO, I think we can live with that T.E.M.P.O.R.A.R.I.L.Y!

Gotta go shake out the bedspread & put on fresh pillowcases.
Tonight will be like CAMPING!

Posting this at TAMAR'S for P52!
I hope to have a few rooms tidied by next week at this time.
Keep checking back for updates.


  1. So exciting, it is going to be beautiful.

  2. oh wow it looks like my house. wish we could do floors. it will be very nice.the dust don't even tell me about that. yuk!

  3. Good luck with your reno! The demise of cottage cheese ceilings is always a good thing!



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