Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Tues 5.14.13
I'm a bit over-organized when it comes to painting! I place all the supplies in the middle of the floor, then move the drop-cloth as I progress around the room.

Mix a couple drops of vanilla to mask the paint smell! You DO know that trick, don't you?

Isn't this color PRETTY? Creole Cottage by Sherwin Williams... Oh, my favorite paint brush is a PURDY! (and NO, I didn't receive any free samples or payment for these comments).

Taping & cutting in - it's more difficult with crown molding. Urrghhh!

By dinner, the job was almost complete. Only the alcove needed to be painted! Just a note - that piece of furniture can only be moved forwards & backwards (it requires several strong men to tip it up and move it back into that space). Unfortunately, I painted the alcove at the end of the day... which required me to s.q.u.e.e.z.e behind the chest... a confession - I got a bit sloppy with the paint brush. 

BUT, guest room painting is now completed!

Planning to paint the master bedroom on Friday.

Not the "best" pictures... but was focused on documenting the day & getting the painting done!

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  1. That looks amazing!! (And you're so organized too.)



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