Sunday, May 5, 2013


SHS 5.5.13
What a whirl-wind week! Our condo RENOVATION started last MONDAY (here's Day 2) & we just completed the walk-through! I'll share photos & fill in some of the details in another post. It will take a few days for the "dust" to settle so during that time, we'll be bringing some of the furniture back in. After the dust settles, I'll start painting.

I'm taking a break from sweeping, mopping, dusting to post some SHS findings. Hope to have some time to blog-hop & see what everyone else has posted!


Indiana, (along the Amazon River) Peru
Every so often, I look through my photo archives for SHS photos (it's a shame not to share them). The photo on the left shows an example of two houses that float on the river. If you look through the doorway of the blue house, you'll see a man sitting in a chair in the BACKGROUND. Due to the humidity (& the cost), most doors & windows have no coverings.

El Camino Hospital, Mountain View
Usually you visit museums to see fabulous art, but this hospital has incredible artwork. The smooth ceramic background was adorned with lines of colorful, raised DOTS --- appearing almost like necklaces of stringed pearls, hanging from a woman's neck! Simply, lovely!

See Canyon, Avila Beach (along Hwy 101)
Living along the ocean, you get used to the "coastal fog" --- as you turn inward, the WEATHER generally changes to sunshine! NOT this week - even in San Luis Obispo, we had drippy, damp fog!

JPE mopping up the dust!
Wanting to get some furniture moved back into our house, JPE & I started cleaning up the dust just after the crew started this morning (7:15am). Our place was "buzzing" with MOTION (between four guys & JPE & I)... we signed the final check at 3:15pm.

Cuppa JOE?
Recognize the hand-drawn logo on the coffee cup? That's right! there were several Starbuck's in Lima, Peru. SWEET (adorably creative) sign --- nasty coffee! it was actually Nescafe. Although Peru grows coffee beans, it is A.L.L exported. The only coffee you can buy is instant --- yep! surprising, huh!!!

Well, this closes another week of SHS. Next week's words are: PERSPECTIVE, GOLDEN, BLOOM, DARK & LOCAL.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Ha, a unique SHS post. That deal about Peru and coffee is a head scratcher.

    Good luck on your painting!

  2. Oh I am sure you had an amazing trip to Peru...and yes, you need to share the photos. Have fun with all your renovations...looking forward to seeing the finished product!!

  3. Good job with these. I bet that art wall is stunning in person. Great capture of weather.

  4. What great photos! Thanks for sharing! Loved the coffee sign. Nescafe? Oh no!!

  5. Love your images, especially the art work! Wonderful find!

  6. Love the dotted....never would have thought about using necklaces! Your fog makes your photo mysterious looking!

  7. Great set! Love of them, really. I had to laugh about the Peruvian coffee. I wonder how Starbuck's would feel about having their logo (albeit hand drawn) on disgusting instant coffee? Maybe if you add enough mocha and caramel flavorings.......



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