Sunday, May 12, 2013


Baby Shower for a new Mom!

"Motherhood has a very humanizing effect.
Everything gets reduced to essentials."
~ Meryl Streep


Quick post (JPE's out running!)
& we'll be starting another day of painting! 

This week's SHS (find the other participants at ASHLEY'S) words are: PERSPECTIVE, GOLDEN, DARK, LOCAL & BLOOM.
(sorry for the weird spacing between photos - no time to fix)
Well, this is turning out to be a very productive weekend, from my PERSPECTIVE. We painted the upstairs hallway (not an easy task!! due to the height & placement of the steps) & the living room. Today, we'll paint our small dining area.
Difficult to see the GOLDEN look of the paint from this viewpoint. I'll have more pictures when we are done (still have the baseboards taped off). See the pretty ceiling? no more cottage cheese... ah!
This is a stretch! we've been working on our "update" (I've changed our project from "renovation" status to "update" because we are at the painting stage now) from the time we get home from work until DARK & we're ready to fall into bed. 
OH... bear with me! this is my interpretation of LOCAL. At work (that's pretty LOCAL, huh?) we held a baby shower for a first-time mom-to-be! our staff loves parties, especially potlucks! what a joy to welcome a new baby to our work family! yippee!!
Saved the prettiest picture for last! JPE's roses are BLOOMING. As soon as the downstairs is settled, we'll bring in vases of these gorgeous, fragrant BLOOMS.

Well, JPE made some pancakes to fuel our activity...
off to slip on my painting clothes!


  1. Such a pretty Rose. And I am Loving the golden color you are using to paint. It's going to look beautiful when your done..


  2. You're busy that is for sure! The cake looks so adorable!

  3. The cake is adorable. And that rose is gorgeous!

  4. The rose is beautiful - the cake, adorable. Your painting reminds me - I need to get with it around my house (ugh, I hate painting).

  5. That rose is the most gorgeous color! I think I'd hang that photo on my wall to enjoy year-round.

  6. Sounds like your hard work is paying off. Painting is not my thing but I'm always happy when it's over. - Loved that gorgeous rose.

  7. Wow! The pictures of the place look fantastic! I am so excited to see it all when you are done.

    Thank you for sharing ACE with us today. And thank you too for doing such a wonderful job raising such a wonderful daughter. Thank you for all of the time that you have spent with her to help make her into the awesome person that she is. She is truly lucky to have a Mother like you. And I hope that we will be seeing much more of you this summer too.

    Happy Mother's Day!



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