Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Did you ever participate in a MAY-POLE DANCE?
or make a paper cone and fill it with flowers from your garden
& hang it on the neighbor's front door?

As an elementary student, I participated in both these activities as a way to commemorate the First of May or MAY DAY!

According to Wikipedia, there are numerous explanations about the background of MAY DAY... But, as a child, I believed it was a day to celebrate fairies... I don't remember why I thought that, perhaps because of something I read in a book?

Today was Day 3 of our condo renovation!
Sorry, I didn't take any pictures...  too busy sweeping the dust (or perhaps "stirring up the dust"). The ceilings were painted & the shower tile was installed...   tomorrow, downstairs crown molding + floor installation!

Hope to get some photos tomorrow!


  1. Once when I was in elementary school- my goodness that was eons ago.



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