Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Tuesday evening, JPE & I looked out the upstairs bathroom window
& this is what we saw!

"SOMEONE" was laying in the grass, peeking into the rose garden!!!
trying to figure out how to get inside the wire fence
to nibble on the green, tender, new foliage??

blurry! I know...
no time to focus properly! I wanted to capture a picture before our "SOMEONE" decided to leave!

it was comical - I stood on the kitchen counter to shoot
the first two pictures through the kitchen window!

With a keen sense of hearing,
"SOMEONE" slipped behind the brush in the greenbelt behind our condo. Can you see "SOMEONE" watching us?

We'll be watching to see if our new rose buds get nibbled to little stubs...


  1. I had no idea you had deer so close and you are right they love roses!

  2. What a fun surprise! Good luck with the roses. :-)



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