Monday, May 6, 2013

P52 {WEEK 18}

dust from the renovation - covering my camellia
On Saturday, bright & early (7:00am) our renovation crew arrived... ready to complete the master bedroom floors, work on the crown molding in the bedrooms, "mud" the new wall in the bathroom & pick-up the trash from Friday afternoon.

Wanting to stay out of the way, we gulped down a second cup of coffee & headed to the "big-box store" in SLO to pick up a shower rod, a couple replacement closet poles & check out the area rugs.

possible rug for living room?
See Canyon, Avila Beach

JPE stopped off the highway, so I could capture a few photographs...

the thick, soupy, coastal FOG muffled the sounds of the valley... 


... to the squeaky metal of the rotating windmill, as the sound drifted off the rolling hills...
... the rustling of the grass & the snorted greeting from this inquisitive beauty...

... such peaceful sounds in contrast to the hammering we left at home.

We spent the rest of the morning at our computers (yes, at work!!) enjoying the silence of the empty office.

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  1. Loving the windmill and the horses.

  2. I love windmills! Good luck with the rest of the renovation!

  3. Christine,
    Looks like you enjoyed your drive in the country. The coastal fog really sets a mood. Always enjoy a windmill pict and a pretty horse.

    Good Luck with the renovation project.



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