Tuesday, April 5, 2011


"Just as the hand, held before the eye, 
can hide the tallest mountain, so the routine 
of everyday life can keep us from seeing 
the vast radiance of and 
the secret wonders that fill the world."
~ Author unknown

My drive to work starts with 
a view of the coastline 
before heading inland 
toward the city of San Luis Obispo...

a fertile, micro-climate for growing apples and grapes... 

Turning off Hwy 101 onto Hwy 1,
 (not as confusing as it sounds)
and heading towards Morro Bay, 
I pass the entrance to...
a four year state college...
known for their
agriculture, architecture, business, crop science, engineering majors...

 ...continuing my drive down Hwy 1,
are the entrances for
Cuesta College 
(local two-year community college)


:: SLOCOE ::
San Luis Obispo Co Office of Education

(ahhh... )

:: a beautiful place to work ::
:: great colleagues ::
:: stimulating environment ::
and located in a 
thriving natural environment!

some of our "neighbors"

another "neighbor"
outside our lunch room!

...these pictures were used for 
a state-wide meeting
to highlight the  
areas of San Luis Obispo County!

I moved here almost 40 years ago
(doesn't seem possible) 
to attend Cal-Poly
(and never left)
I'm one of the lucky ones! 

:: housing costs are hIGh ::
:: finding work is difficult ::
:: pay scale is low ::

 But - it is worth ALL the 
sacrifices to live here...

I pinch myself every day I drive along the coast
AND try never to take the beauty for granted!

FYI ~ San Luis Obispo is listed as 
one of the BLUE ZONES in this book...

Did you enjoy my 25 minute drive to work??


  1. These are great pictures of a wonderful place and you are indeed very lucky to live there ~ it is just as nice as you say it is. I didn't realize that you had deer so close as to visit the offices. Wow!

  2. High housing prices... difficult to find work... low pay scale - yeah, sounds like California.
    Same here where I live.
    And also VERY beautiful. Isn't it wonderful to live in such beautiful places? I enjoy it every day.
    BTW, I like the SLO wine - there are some really good ones. (of course, ours are great, too. :-))

  3. How very lucky you are! I would love to live so close to the ocean and feel those wonderful breezes and see the beautiful sights! You were smart to never leave!

  4. Stunningly beautiful and wnderful energy. Cannot really put a price on it ´cause it is so good!

  5. So beautiful! You are one lucky girl! :)



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