Wednesday, April 27, 2011


JPE'S first roses ~ 4.26.11
"You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know 
how soon it will be too late."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson, author

We live in a condo... which suits us fine since it's just the two of us! & we like to be able to "lock up the house" & travel.

Several weeks ago, our dear, sweet neighbor, passed away! We loved comparing stories of travel, things we heard on NPR, talking about local concerts, plays & events... She had been a traveler & as she got older, I think her "traveling bug" was supported with our over-the-fence conversations. 

She was a private person, but we enjoyed hearing her bustle around her condo, cooking, tidying her place, caring for her cats, entertaining (her daughter lives 20 minutes away), and the muffled sound of her phone conversations. 

She was a "treasured" neighbor. For the past year, we always let her know when we were "taking off" on an trip for work or pleasure... and she started collecting our newspapers & mail, depositing them on our doorstep as soon as she heard us return. 

The Saturday after her passing, we sat on the patio sipping tea & sharing a scone... it was much too quiet! her presence is missed!! It's sad coming home from a vacation, not being able to share a conversation about the places we visited! A conversation about our Washington DC trip is not to be shared with our dear, sweet friend, Jean.

JPE cut these roses from our garden this morning! 

they are gloriously fragrant, beautiful, tight buds... our across-the-street neighbor graciously offered to collect our mail & newspapers! and for this, we are THANK-FUL!! I hope "BB" will enjoy the roses as much as Jean had, in the past!

Condo-living = close neighbors (of a good kind)!!!


  1. so sorry, good neighbors are not easy to find and she sounds like she was very sweet. If my kids weren't here I would seriously think of moving up there. The roses are fabulous ~ super colors.

  2. I really love that quote! It's perfect. What a nice memories to share of your neighbor. I'm sure they would have made her smile. :)
    (p.s. I read your comment on my Easter post,, I didn't get another comment...hmm...that concerns me. Thanks for letting me know.)

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your neighbor, they're important people in our lives that we sometimes don't appreciate (though you certainly did!), and she sounds like she was wonderful. Thank you for sharing and the picture of your roses on a quiet little chair was perfect.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. Your neighbor seemed like such a great friend.

    Your tribute would mean a lot to her, I'm sure.



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