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Today is International Children's Book Day. It also happens to be Hans Christian Anderson's birthday - the author of numerous children's fairy tales - a few of which are: The Ugly Duckling, The Steadfast Soldier, The Snow Queen, The Little Mermaid, Thumbelina, & the Princess and the Pea.

I heard fairy tales as a child, and also read them to my girls, but I'm not so sure that mothers, today, read fairy tales to their children??

Perhaps some mothers & grandmothers will response to this question?

all book covers from
This is not the Princess and the Pea I read to my daughters, SLE & ACE... but I love the artwork of Rachel Isadora! Her colorful, collage-like artwork has an African feel to it - most likely because she spent 10+ years in various countries in the continent of AFRICA. Trained as a ballerina, she left the professional world of ballet when she experienced an injury. LUCKY for the children's book world, she has written and illustrated over 100+ books. 

ACE uses this book in her kindergarten class
For more about International Children's Book Day, check out the USBBY (UNITED STATES BOARD on BOOKS for YOUNG PEOPLE) website. 

I found a fabulous list of children's books which support the purpose of International Children's Book Day, which is to "inspire a love of reading and draw attention to children's books that focus on international understanding." Here are two of the book covers from this list, 2011 BOOK LIST for CHILDREN.

by Shelley Retner
& Sheila M. Kelley

the book shows children of all colors with happy, smiling faces.
for birth to age 5 years.

(A National Geographic publication)
by Barbara Kelsey

written for grades 3-5
simple pictures from around the world & "plants the seed" that we ALL have a responsibility to make & keep peace on this earth. 

Why do ADULTS make this so difficult??


  1. I did read some of the Grimm fairy tales to Kaefer, her favorite was "Sterntaler" (no idea what that one is in English). She didn't really like the scary and mean stuff and many of them are just like that. Her favorite books as a child were "Onkel Tobi" (Uncle Tobi) still from my childhood and all the books by Harriet Peck Taylor. Fabulous stuff. "Little Beaver and the Echo" was another favorite.

  2. I was a book worm as a child, I loved fairy tales, grimms and the arabian nights, greek mythology etc. A good story encourages children to read and when an author gets it right (no matter the age of the reader) then it causes a hunger on the part of the reader to read,

    Thanks for your comments on my blog, they are very kind. All quotes are mine unless I state otherwise (I mark them author unknown).

  3. Sorry Christine, me again, I realised that you probably meant the changing quote each day. I cannot remember who I used, however here is a link which I think does the same thing

  4. I love children's books and I was a great reader as a child, in fact I still have the primer I learned to read from...sitting on the back porch and running in to ask my mother what each new word was. These look like great books.(-:



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