Thursday, April 14, 2011


Can't believe it! 
Time to get packed for Washington DC!! Tomorrow evening we'll stay with ACE as we're leaving from SFO on Saturday am... Saturday evening, SLE & MB will meet us at Dulles Airport!

My LEAST favorite task before traveling = PACKING! what's the weather? what to wear? what shoes? (well - that's fairly easy - for this trip! anyway) what coat?

did we print our boarding pass? are we checking bags? It's like playing "50 Questions"...

TO LIGHTEN THE MOOD - I'm sharing this "UH! OH" face... which is actually an adorable, handmade clay Peruvian OCARINA. My seven-hole WHISTLE is painted with colorful geometric designs on the top.
SO - are you asking?? "What's the difference between a WHISTLE and an OCARINA?"

WELL -  ALL ocarinas are whistles; but not all whistles are ocarinas!

A WHISTLE plays one note (or 2 or 3 notes, depending on the number of holes); they are usually made to get a clear tone & generally are not tuned.

An OCARINA is a whistle (with 4-12 fingering holes, with a range of an octave to an octave and a half); they are usually tuned & songs can be played on them. 

WELL - my OCARINA has four holes on top... & three holes on the bottom... plus the hole you blow into... BUT, I can't play a song... perhaps I need some lessons?

ABOUT PACKING ~  casual dress (jeans, tshirts, sweater, raincoat - basically layers)... one pair of dressy pants (after all, it is Washington DC = nice restaurants)... shoes (jogging shoes - got the DR okay to begin transitioning to shoes) + air-cast (yep! still wearing that gray monster)... taking crutches! SLE ordered a wheelchair for transporting me from Metro Station to the door of the Smithsonian Museums... just-in-case!

CHECK back for "Wanderings from Washington"...

FOR NOW - I'll whistle while I WORK (ie, finish packing)!!!


  1. Have a great trip! I am looking forward to your posts, so that I can "travel" along with you!

  2. Oh... how lovely!! Have a wonderful time!!

  3. Learned something new friom this post. Have a great trip.

  4. Happy packing and have a great trip! (I think the blue flowers are called, Squill. I didn't plant them.)

  5. You guys are going to have a great time!! Thanks always for your fun posts and I'm a huge fan of Ocarinas-they're just a beautiful traditional instrument. Hugs and safe travels and all good wishes for you trip. I can't wait to see all your beautiful pictures from the east coast!



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