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I selected the word "S-E-N-S-E-S"... this past summer, JPE & I vacationed in London... I've been often asked about my favorite adventure... which was the day spent at KEW GARDENS (tube station: District Line-Victoria Station).
After a bit of research (isn't that what's educators do?), I learned the following: 
Butterflies don't have ears. But, they HEAR sounds through their wings by sensing the change in sound vibrations.
A butterfly's feet have sense organs that can TASTE sugar, letting a butterfly know if something is good to eat. They are equipped with a long, coiled tube called a proboscis, which sucks up nectar and nourishes their bodies.
Butterflies have large, multifaceted eyes which allow them to SEE in all directions, without turning their heads. As with most insects, butterflies are very nearsighted and focus on large clumps of flowers. They do not see colors (such as red, green or yellow), but sense polarized light (indicating the direction the sun is shining) and ultraviolet light (which is found on many flowers) which guides them to their food sources. 
Butterflies have a well-developed sense of SMELL, but do not have a nose. Sense receptors in their antennae, feet and other parts of their bodies help them find food (generally nectar) and a mate (a female smells a male's pheromones).  UMMM... a female seeking a male???
Butterflies use their senses of taste, smell, hearing, tasting and touch to survive in the world. It is believed that butterflies may also possess senses that we have yet to determine, since their anatomy is different than a humans.
I wanted to TOUCH this butterfly - it's transparent, delicate wings were tinged with burnt orange and white... stunning! 

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  1. These are wonderful, wonderful pictures! So beautiful and what can be lovelier than a butterfly? What a "sensible" choice you made. (-:

  2. Lovely photos. Kew Gardens is lovely - it was one of my favourite places for a day trip when I lived in London.

  3. I love those butterflies. I enjoyed Kew Gardens a lot - several years ago.
    And hey, I just made it to join the weekword, I found some pictures I took in Cairo and that would fit perfectly, I think.

  4. Amazing photos and such great information. I can honestly say that I learned some neat things. Thanks! I hope to join back up again soon.

  5. My daughters are in love with your butterfly photos. Lovely!!!



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