Friday, October 22, 2010


Roses after RAIN! 

Sally at SOW & SEW selected the word of the week...

 "Savor the moment.
Search for a little JOY, and
you will find a grat deal of it
in unexpected places."
~ Allen Folstein 

I love to putter... primarily because the "simplest pleasures" slow me down so I can experience more JOY in life...

After work, I'm leaving for a long weekend visit with my mom. JPE is preparing for a class he'll be teaching (starting next Tuesday) ~ so he can't get away.

Tomorrow = Whittier Historical District Home Tour! peeking into Craftsman houses that have been lovingly restored, stamped with the owner's personality ~ what could be a better way to spend a Saturday with my mom, aunt, and sis-in-law... 

Sunday = reading the newspaper, looking at my mom's magazine (her subscriptions are different than mine), visit to a book store, dropping by my niece's house, and maybe a movie...

Mom doesn't have internet, so unless I get over to Panera's (free internet), you won't see me until Monday.

Check out the other WEEKWORD participants...  SALLY'S also listed the WEEKWORD host for next week.

While you are here... tell me what brings you JOY??


  1. Sounds like you're having a lovely weekend ahead of you! enJOY !

  2. Have a good time with you Mom. The home tour should be lots of fun and I know that she subscribes to some great magazines.(-: Hope it is all very relaxing and "joyful".

  3. Have a great weekend!
    Bouquets from the little people in my life are always joyful.

  4. Beautiful picture and have a great time this weekend! The home tour sounds like a blast :)

  5. Lovely picture - I'm obsessed with pictures of rain on leaves, and that's a stunner!



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