Thursday, October 28, 2010


pic taken 10.23.10 ~ Whittier Historic Home Tour
"One day at a time - this is enough.
Live in the present and make it so beautiful that it
will be worth remembering."
~ Ida Scott Taylor

Talked to SLE, ACE & Mom in the last 24 hours. Feel like a "mother hen" checking on my chicks! (YES ~ I enjoy "mothering" my MOM now! she gets a laugh out of ME telling HER what to do).

SLE is so happy living in Washington DC! Still unpacking boxes, organizing the kitchen, and cooking.  Lots of girlfriends! her "guy" is there too! & "seasons" (she was standing in the glassed atrium, watching the downpour as we chatted)! she's loving it all! 

ACE was putting the finishing touches on her Halloween costume ~ all five "kinder" teachers are dressing as "tooth fairies"... gauzy skirts, jeweled sweaters, glittery crowns, sparkly wands, & purses with "teeth" (chiclets gum) & plastic coins... her 5 year olds will love it! 

MOM chatted about the "samples" she tried at Trader Joe's ~ her TJ's gets new items a couple of weeks before ours does. On the "watch-for-list" ~ mini-meat loaves (expensive, but worth it)...

JPE is on his way home from Oakland ~ gave a presentation today! We're having a "houseguest" for the weekend... can't wait for Marcus to arrive.

Emergency eye appointment ~ all is okay, but "floaty things" are bothersome! Trying to appreciate TODAY! Hoping a good night's sleep will chase the anxiety away!


  1. Wait - what blurred vision? Doesn't sound too good. TJs is my favorite place for grocery shopping, I'm waiting for the Christmas stuff from Germany... my husband has already asked whether they got the Wasella gingerbread in...

  2. Hi,

    Happy to hear that all is well with everyone. I love meatloaf so I will look for the ones you are talking about at TJ's. Please tell Marcus that I said "hello". Have a nice, and I hope, relaxing weekend.(-:

  3. Hello! Love the idea of the tooth fairy costume...I may have to steal it! I bet her students will enjoy it. Unfortunately, our school is not letting the kids dress up this year.



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