Wednesday, October 27, 2010


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Can't believe it! Already Wednesday???

Thank goodness for strong legs! 

Last Saturday's Whittier Historic Home Tour was spread over 7 blocks!  The weather cooperated - comfortable enough for a 3/4 length sleeved top, jeans & tennies. Last year, I "melted" wearing flipflops, cropped pants & short sleeve shirt (& if I remember correctly, we all got sunburned - the sunscreen dripped from our bodies)...

Don't you love peeking into people's lives? we stepped into the five homes shown on the Whittier Historic Neighborhood Tour. 

My FAV = 1909 Craftman... the picture of the exterior doesn't reveal the magnificent restoration found on the inside. Luckily, the owner was our guide! she had "lovingly" painted the living room frieze (decorative border around the parameter of the room) with trees, birds & mountains... She spent over 100 hours painting the guestroom frieze (an ornate floral blossom typical of the Craftsman era). Talk about "detail" - the owners have spent 9 years sanding layers of paint off the doors, window sashes & baseboards. Unfortunately, photos are not allowed inside the homes!! but I did capture this photo of my mom & aunt...

Suited UP! & Waiting!!
Similar to quilt shows, people are asked to cover their shoes to protect the wood & carpeted floors...

*FYI ~ quilt monitors wear "white gloves" 
which protect the fabric from getting dirty 
when showing both sides of the quilt.

I didn't see that printed in the program 
until I had taken photos in the first house. 
Will share what I was able to capture... 

We started our tour with the 1938 Minimal Traditional style home ~ simple design = no shutters or porch on the exterior; the kitchen had scalloped molding (trimmed w/red paint) which resembled "Early American" design; also had a  red plaid cover on the kitchen's drop-down ironing board!! This home is in tremendous shape & has had only three owners since it was built!

Red & white kitchen ~ are you ready to listen to a soap opera & have a cup of tea?

This house featured a walk-in closet with a built-in vanity! love the glitzy mirror... 


  1. Oh! this looks fun. We used to go on the Monrovia Historic Home Tours but haven't been for a while...they always have the tour on Mother's Day. The houses you saw look very interesting, of course you know how much I like houses! (-: Too bad they don't let you take pictures, but I can understand why.

  2. I love that vanity!

    And I think that putting plastic shower caps over the kids' shoes would really cut down on the cleaning. Well, over the kids and over Maggie's whole body. :)



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