Monday, October 4, 2010


Rancho El Chorro Environmental Camp ~ pic taken 8/25/10
The WEEKWORD is S-E-N-S-E-S...

Over the weekend, the weather began changing... as the heat left, the birds sat in the trees chirping to each other; the leaves rustled in the breeze (yes, we did have a breeze); across the blue sky floated thick, billowy clouds that looked like whipped cream (ymmm)....

Well, you get my point ~ I'm certain everyone's
S-E-N-S-E-S are heightened we cruise into Fall & the holiday season...

Join me in playing WEEKWORD! No invitation necessary! Just leave me a note in the comment box below. I will add your name to the list of participants.

During the week, keep your S-E-N-S-E-S heightened for the creative inspiration that you'll share with others. Post your creative interpretation to your blog on Friday.

OK - let the FUN begin!


  1. Sounds great! I'll be posting my senses post this week too!

  2. Hello Christine! You can count me in! Nice word.

  3. Yes, I can join in...I thought of something!(-:

  4. beautiful photo......our weather has cooled off here, too....and definitely giving our senses a nice treat!!! thanks for stopping by my blog!!! :))



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