Saturday, October 30, 2010


Dia de los Muertos = Day of the Dead
Katy at Creating Misericordia selected 

I have to say I'd not heard of this word... but it's a Middle English adjective (descriptive word) meaning unearthly, alien, supernatural, weird, spooky, eerie.

While not spooky or weird, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), could qualify (in some people's minds) as a supernatural celebration. 

My dad was Hispanic, Mexican, and Mission Indian descent, so it seems natural that I would be interested in this celebration. To my knowledge, this was not a tradition my dad's grandparents participated in, but they did have Ofrendas (altars) in their modest home. Although not as elaborate as the altars found on this link, I marveled over my great, great grandmother Lucinda's personal altar.

Basically, this beautiful ritual, Day of the Dead, is an annual event for the living family members to remember their departed relatives. In addition to our tradition of taking flowers to the cemetery, families also took fruits, Pan de Muerto bread & spend some time eating, reminiscing, praying and decorating their loved ones burial plot with Cempasuchil (yellow, gold marigold flowers) and Calavera's (sugar skulls). 

So what do you think? eerie, scary, weird? supernatural experience... I plan to experience Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in my lifetime! How about you!!!
Sounds interesting enough to add Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, México to your travel list?

Don't forget to stop by Katy's BLOG to get additional "ELDRITCH" interpretations.

I've been asked to host WEEKWORD... I'll be posting the word tomorrow! Check back on Sunday.


  1. "Day of the Dead" is not exactly my kind of celebration, but I do find it interesting. I also find the bright colors appealing.

  2. This is such an interesting word...I had to look it up in the dictionary - fascinating and I like what you did with it. Have fun with Marcus? Hope so. (-: Now...what are you selecting for weekwork?

  3. My partner was born on the day of the dead, which sometimes explains a lot... ;)

    I'd love to take part in the next Weekword please :)


  4. We went to our first Day of the Dead party last night, I really enjoyed it...

    I like the idea of including the dead in your celebrations, it makes me feel like I won't miss out so much when I go!

  5. I've found Day of the Dead intruiging for ages - thanks for your post.

    By the way, you might like my spooky Hallowe'en cake - pics over at mine.



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