Thursday, September 30, 2010


The Apple Lady by Mary McDonald
Autumn on the Central Coast means Gopher Glen Apple Farm is open for business! 

It also means "weekly" meandering drives up See Canyon... cider & apple tasting... apple crisp... chunky apple sauce... AND decision making ~ what apples to buy? how many pounds can we eat in a week?

AND - it means ACE (kindergarten teacher "extra-ordinare") pulls out her library of APPLE books & structures a week of lessons about her favorite fruit...
This story begins in the cozy, gingham decorated kitchen of the Apple Lady (actually the mother of the author). Over breakfast, Dawn learns her grandmother needs some help selling apples at their farm stand.

Pippins... Jonalicious... Braeburn... Winesap... Jonathons... how can anyone know which apples are best for lunches? best for cooking pies? are long lasting? 

The Apple Lady knows that information, of course!

Oh no! In an effort to help her Grandmother, Dawn spills a box of apples. While Grandmother collects the apples in her red & white gingham apron, she tells Dawn they can use these for apple cider.
Dawn gets her chance to help Grandmother when it gets busy at the tasting and check out stand.

She is asked to give "tastes" of the cider to the children waiting in line with their parents. My daughters, ACE & SLE will tell you, "Nothing is as tasty as Gopher Glen apple cider on a hot day!"
The Apple Lady suggests that Dawn take a break from her job of pouring cider... Sitting on her perch atop the tractor, Dawn enjoys her own cup of apple cider. When ACE & SLE were in preschool & elementary school, this tractor sat outside the fruit stand. 

I'm sure you'll enjoy reading this book to find out what happened at the end of a busy day with the Apple Lady.

Books can be purchased at GOPHER GLEN APPLE FARM or from the APPLE LADY....

This story is about Dr D's wife, who ran the family apple stand. Both my daughter's were patients of Dr D ~ their orthodontist. If Dr D's clients lost their retainer's, Dr D would give them an "opportunity" to work at the apple stand to pay for another retainer! In addition to Dr D's patients, the apple stand clients, the residents along See Canyon Drive, the hundreds of people in SLO County and the DeVincenzo family, this book now reminds us of the love & devotion of the Apple Lady & her husband, Dr D, who have now passed away.


  1. Apple Cider sounds good to me! It's a good time at the moment, isn't it. So where are you going this weekend, there seem to be many possibilities?
    Oh, and BTW, my daughter noticed the heart in the bison s*&t as well - way before I did. Great minds....?

  2. That is the cutest book. I love apple orchards. Best way to get your apples. :-)

  3. mmm...all the apple ideas sound delicious!

  4. What a cute book, I would have liked to use it when I was teaching...apples are such a good theme. I am envious of the meandering drives...what a lovely way to spend the day...and, does this mean apple butter?

  5. What a great book! I may have to buy a copy for my baby daughter Nora's growing book collection. It's never too early to teach her to love books!

    I am also a huge fan of orchards and I LOVE hot apple cider with caramel on a cool day. Or any day for that matter,lol!

  6. What a wonderful book and tie for your family. Glad you found the star. ;o)



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