Sunday, September 26, 2010


Avila Barn raspberries ~ 9/11/10
FALL is JPE's favorite season... 
he loves the beginning of school, pencils & notebooks, pumpkins, AND the end of canning season??

Well, I think he's finished? we'd have to rearrange the garage if he plans to do anymore canning. 

Two weeks ago, JPE made "gourmet" Raspberry Jam (without pectin - he likes to tell everyone he doesn't use pectin)... the recipe isn't particularly "gourmet" but the flat of berries was $40. making each jar worth more than $5. (factoring in the cost of sugar - NO pectin means you use a lot of sugar!)... 

JPE is gone this weekend & I was looking for a jar of our "gourmet" spread - ummm... I can't find it on the shelf - Do you think he hid it?


  1. Looks yummy! I bet he hid it. My hubby has been known to do the same thing to me. :-)

  2. Raspberry jam and he hid it from you! Bad boy. I imagine that he just put it somewhere you haven't thought to look.(-: I love the picture of the can almost pluck them off the screen. Happy you like the really looks better in person - I had a horrible time getting a good shot. Yes...I think (hope) that Raleigh would have liked it. How's the class going?



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