Saturday, September 25, 2010


7/23/10 ~ Nottinghill, London

Indian Summer along James Way
The air is still, birds have emptied the hummingbird feeder, and a blue jay is screeching his displeasure that the feeder has no seed... I'm sipping a glass of ice tea, puttering around the house, and enjoying having the windows & patio door open! Living on the Central Coast, our summers are foggy, sometimes damp, and our beaches are a refuge for people escaping the heat of the inland areas.

What does INDIAN SUMMER mean? this term dates back to the 18th century in the United States & is defined as any spell of warm, quiet, hazy weather that may occur in October or even early November.

I've always believed INDIAN SUMMER marked  the period when the Native American peoples harvested their crops.
This weather reminded me of a picture I had taken in London. See the cloud passing on the left of the Indian's head? I took this picture looking into a store window... I didn't notice the reflection of the cloud until I downloaded the picture onto the computer.

The profile of the INDIAN looks very similar to my dad's - he was a Tongva (Gabrielino, was the more common name) / Acjacheman (also known as Juaneno). My dad's ancestors lived in the area around the San Gabriel Mission in So California... he would have loved today's weather...
The INDIAN head was located on one of the sewing machines displayed in a clothing store window... 
BRITS really know how to attract clients INTO their stores. I wasn't the only photographer taking pictures!!


    1. I love those sewing machines!!

    2. Your pictures are wonderful. In German I would say "stimmungsvoll" which might translate to "atmospheric" but it's not quite the equivalent nuance. Oh, sometimes I hate my lack of vocabulary!



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