Thursday, August 12, 2010


St Margaret's Church
next to Westminster Abbey


Elizabeth chose the word this week!!

check her blog
to see what participating bloggers posted 
for their interpretation of


After looking through my London pics
I thought I would share


London's most famous clock

Lendenhall Market
 a covered shopping market
in London's financial district
(Victorian design)

St Martin-in-the-Fields Church
near Trafalgar Square
(excellent tea + scones in their Crypt Cafe)

Queen's College ~ Oxford
one of many clocks in the university town

Westminster Abbey
 church famous for pageantry, coronations,
& the resting place of Britain's most famous people

Neither JPE nor I wear a watch,
so we were always looking for clocks, 
having to ask people the time, 
or trying to peer
(nonchalantly, of course)
at people's watches to get the time.

love this quote about TIME...
"I'm a visionary; I'm ahead of my time. 
Trouble is, I'm only about an hour
and a half ahead."
~ George Carlin, comedian


  1. i have no watch either. but keep wanting an old fashioned pocket one. and got one, which broke. i felt time was more valuable like that, and not just digital numbers on a mobile phone screen, which is usually the case these days...

  2. Great collection! I don't wear a watch either. I use my phone. Luckily it changes to the local time. Welcome home!

  3. Nice collection of PICTURES! I love these clocks! :-D

  4. Oh, I want to go to Great Britain after seeing these! And I don't have a watch either... Would you like to pick a weekword for next week?

  5. I'm honored to select the next word ---
    I've done some checking on previous words - I don't think the word "NOSTALGIA" has been suggested!
    So - I thought about sending a note to previous bloggers to see if they wanted to participate in WEEKWORD again.

  6. Lovely photos. What a cool collection and thanks for sharing so much about them... Nostalgia...hmmm.... interesting...

  7. That is perfect, Christine. Interesting word, I look forward to start thinking about it... See you on Friday! :)

  8. Lovely photos - and how apt that you have chosen 'nostalgia' as your word for next week. I used to live in London (and work in Westminster) and in Oxford, so your collection made me a little nostalgic, as I know all those clocks well. Glad you enjoyed your trip - thanks for sharing your pictures!

  9. I love clocks too! And all their parts, the gears the hands, the numbers. Great photos.

  10. You live near some pretty impressive clocks! I have always been mesmerized by gigantic time pieces. Your photos are lovely.

  11. It's been 16 years since I lived in London so your photos have been a nostalgia trip for me (jump start for weekword :o). I can always look at my cellphone if I don't have my watch on (as long as it's charged!), but craftsman clocks are so much more fun!

  12. thanks for all the "lovely" comments about the Clock "COLLECTION" from London.

    YES - I'm home & find it amazing that my body didn't bounce back very quickly to California time. Age... OR perhaps that's a testament to how "relaxed" I actually felt in London - not that we weren't "busy-little-bees" enjoying the sites, people, museums, music, using public transportation etc... It was a lovely trip ~ and we felt like we really became part of a community by renting a flat for our 3 week holiday!

    Will post the WEEKWORD tonight - hi! ho! hi! ho! it's off to work I go! For those who want to think about the word - it's NOSTALGIA!

  13. What an awesome collection! interesting to watch that symbolizes the time and future progress!
    Thank you for sharing the fine collection!
    / Anna

  14. Great word. Very appropriate for me since I just got back from a weekend at the farm visiting family.



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