Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Our day ended at Prince Edwards Theater - for the London performance of JERSEY BOYS!  The cast was incredible! our seats were spectacular!  I liked Stephen Ashfield (actor on left) who played John Gaudio, the songwriter for the Four Seasons. he was least like a "Jersey" boy ~ didn't get into trouble! never wanted to be a performer! Amazing choreography & set decorations. Thanks Lars & Kathryn for "insisting" we see this performance!

Brewmaster's Pub ~ Charing Cross
Wandered up & down Charing Cross Rd & walked through Soho looking for a place to eat! 

I had taken a picture of this pub sign, hoping to get back and see it lit up at night!!! and this is where we ended up eating!

PUB FOOD at the Brewmaster's - sign said the establishment has been there since the 1840's... um! don't know if I believe that???

Our ORDER: Bangers (Suffolk pork sausage) & mash (mashed potatoes) w/red onion gravy... and a "vegie" Red Leicester (crumbly English cheese) + Spinach burger & chips (fries)... and split a "pint" of Old Speckled Hen (yummy! even JPE liked the taste). It was ALL tasty! service was good! and close to the theater! perfect!

A-MAZING WEST END ~ Trafalgar Square

TRAFALGAR SQUARE is still the "happening place"... 
Last Sunday evening, "A-Mazing West End" was erected overnight!
Along the maze path are signs asking questions & giving info about some of the "hidden gems" (their advertisement lingo) in the West End of town. Would have walked the maze, but we chose to people watch! (free! interesting!)... and the queue for the maze was about 45 minutes! The maze is being taken down on Friday! wonder what's cooking in Trafalgar Square for the weekend?

A-MAZING WEST END sign ~ Trafalgar Square

Started the day with a "London Walks" led by Karen - a fiery, energetic, actress - who was selected as a "Blue Badge Guide of the Year." She explained that the British Museum houses 2 million years of history & civilization. Our first stop was the "Rosetta Stone" - I saw lots of heads & not much of the hieroglyphics BUT I was cool with that! everything is amazing! 

Athen's Parthenon ~ British Museum
Standing in front of the Parthenon (yes! it's here & not in a museum in Athens), Karen wove such a descriptive story, you could almost visualize being in Greece! about 8+ people started tagging along with our group (a bit annoying, because we had paid for this talk!)... but - I'm sure the publicity for London Walks is welcomed!

JPE & I browsed through some other sections of the museum before leaving for our afternoon "tea break"... Incredibly interesting exhibit on "mummification" & why some bodies were preserved & others deteriorated. Researchers determined the environment was very important! exhibits showed a body laid on reeds vs a body laid on moist earth... The reeds pulled all the fluids from the body, leaving a pile of bones - the body placed in the moist earth was preserved!

Aphrodite - Venus
JPE is a Renaissance lover! so here's one of the gorgeous 
statues in the Greek & Roman Collection room.
British Museum ceiling - former British Library

Karen, our London Walks tour guide mentioned the glass ceiling was added in the late 1990's... making the entire museum under one roof & creating London's first indoor public square. It is now used to host special exhibitions.

The circular building (the Reading Room) was billed as a "center for learning" & used by scholars world-wide. 

By now, you've realized I posted our day's events in reverse... I fell asleep humming, Big Girls Don't Cry! I really didn't want the play, JERSEY BOYS to end!!


  1. We only saw the tip of the Rosetta Stone, too. It was one of the most crowded exhibits I saw. Sounds like the tour was amazing. We just roamed around on our own. I think I would like to try that next time.

  2. Made it to your place, but it's not the same without you here. Lola has been sliding around the bamboo flooring, it's very funny. Plus she found Lydia's (?) beach ball in the garage.

    We went to Dad's yesterday and played in the backyard. Plus I saw Lauren for dinner. Today we are doing laudry, watering the garden and watching HGTV. Maybe washing the car...we'll see.

    Thanks for letting us visit! Miss you!
    Love, ACE & Lola



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