Sunday, June 30, 2013


SHS 6.30.13
Thought I'd better get myself "in gear" and grab my camera!
{this meant putting down my paintbrush}

The SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY words posted by Ashley
are ones I suggested a couple of months ago!
So, without further hesitation,
here are my interpretations of:
We drove up to the cabin late Thursday evening - here to celebrate Lydia's {& Natasha's birthdays}.  
The weekend before July 4th is pretty quiet! Not many boats, jetskis or kayaks on the lake - but, caught the neighbor in MOTION on his jetski last evening.

JPE getting his tackle box ready for some fishing. Last year he got a fishing license for the lake & spent his gift card on some TOOLS {hooks, sinkers, bait & a new pole} of the trade.

Wondering where I found these DOTS in this heat wave? Actually these are DOTS of "pitch" or "resin" from the pine tree. They've found a home on the outside fireplace hearth!!!

SWEET! a tasty SWEET ice cream birthday cake for the "girl's" birthdays!

The wind is strongest in the late afternoon... so Jack & Taylor pulled the kite out... Brilliant, bright STRIPES --- makes it easy to find the kite from anywhere on the lake.

Well, off to breakfast! taking the boat across the lake!


  1. These are great! Loved your ideas, too!

    The cake looks delicious!

  2. wow, great pics babe, that is one sweet looking cake and such a great pic for dots...that is some great camera you have.

  3. Love the dots shot! We also do ice cream birthday cake for my blessing. Like the vibrancy of the stripes.

  4. Great set! I especially love sweet and stripes.

  5. It sounds so wonderful to be on the lake! I loved the prompts this week, thanks for sharing them with us! The dots are fascinating, but the striped it!

  6. So many wonderful summertime photos...looks like you are having a good one!!

  7. Looks like a great place to relax. I like that motion image, and the stripes is very vibrant. As for the cake-yum. It's been years since I let someone make me a birthday cake. Perhaps I need to rethink that this year.

  8. Great pictures. Sounds like a wonderful time at the lake. I am envious of you being able to find a place to fly a of my favorite things to do!

  9. Great shots - love the rainbow stripes!

  10. Great set. I really liked the Stripe shot of the colorful kite.
    Your motion shot was great too, that looks like it would be so much fun.
    Tools reminded me of my dad who was an avid fisherman.
    That cake looks so yummy.

  11. Your motion is so sharp! I really like that picture :)

  12. Stripes is awesome! But also glad to see your hubby getting ready to fish. :)

  13. What a pretty birthday cake!
    The kite stripes are a vibrant color and what a great action shot in motion.
    Your 'dots' shot is a very creative endeavor. Oh, that stuff is sticky. :)
    Have a great week!



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